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The Benefits of Fiberglass Composite Doors

When you’re in the market for a brand-new front door, you’re most of the time bombarded with so many exciting door types, styles, and materials. Of all, one type is quite outstanding in its appeal to many homeowners, the composite fiberglass door. Why? Because the benefits of fiberglass composite doors are a plus for a smart homeowner. In this post, we share the reasons why many homeowners chose fiberglass composite doors:

1. Long-lasting material

The materials used to make composite fiberglass doors are resistant to warping, rotting or rusting and can thus remain in good shape for years. In comparison to doors made of steel or wood, fiberglass doors are impervious to rust and rot and are resistant to scratches and dents. It is far more durable than other materials.

2. Excellent Performance

Composite fiberglass entry doors are filled with an insulating foam that acts as a shield to keep the searing heat out of your home in summer and chilly air out in winter. Its entry system minimizes the transfer of heat and boosts energy efficiency, thus lowering the annual cost of heating and cooling. Again, when compared to wooden and steel doors, fiberglass entry doors have higher R-values. This means that fiberglass doors are the best bet to keep your warm in winter and summer.

A smart homeowner is concerned with the home’s energy bills. As such, commit yourself to get the thermally insulated fiberglass composite door that provides better protection, especially in cold weather. Steel is a good conductor of heat, hence a very poor insulator. You’re even likely to notice condensation within steel doors. Wood doors, on the other hand, simply do not respond well to high humidity and fluctuating temperatures. Eventually, wood doors warp and bow to the extent that closing them becomes very difficult.

3. Little Maintenance Required

Unlike traditional wooden or steel doors, no painting or staining is required with composite fiberglass doors. Care, if any, is minimal. The problem with the conventional wooden doors is that over time, they absorb moisture. This causes peeling, bubbling, or even warping of the wood. Eventually, it will need a replacement. Fiberglass, on the other hand, excellently resists the effects of moisture and won’t need a similar frequency of maintenance.

4. Appearance

One aspect that makes fiberglass composite doors popular is that it closely mimics the appearance of painted, stained, or natural wood. Door fiberglass is available in an array of colors, finishes, and styles to match any home exterior designs. You have the option of repainting once you get bored of the existing look of your fiberglass doors with time.

5. Versatility

There is a wide spectrum of styles that are available for homeowners to achieve any kind of exterior look. Colors and finishes, including those identical to real wood, come in a wide variety. For that homeowner looking for a specific look, a fiberglass door shall give it to you.

6. Long Warranty

Now that fiberglass composite doors are crafted not only to last long but also to be resilient and secure; buyers can rest easy in the knowledge that they are backed up with long warranties. This is arguably why most people opt for fiberglass entry doors when conducting home improvements.

7. Assured security

Besides the wind, rain, snow, and more, you rely on your front door for protection. You can sleep pretty knowing well you’re safe from intruders. When properly installed, fiberglass composite doors offer maximum security. Composite door frames are much more secure than ordinary frames of traditional entry doors. Besides, fiberglass remains sturdy over time, unlike doors manufactured from wood or steel. You don’t have to worry about mending or replacing rusty doors.

Steel doors are arguably the most overrated doors since they give an image of the most secure of all entry doors. However, this image is not always lived up to. Almost any knife or sharp or pointed object or a decent blow can dent a steel door. This can’t happen with a fiberglass door that is equally or even more secure than steel doors.

8. A cost-effective alternative

Versatile, durable, and convenient, fiberglass remains one of the most expensive door options in the market. Combining aesthetics and superior insulation, it would cost you much cash, initially. However, if you look at it in the long run, you’re bound to reap big from the quality of this great product. You’ll spare yourself costly yet unnecessary door repairs or, worse still, replacements. Think long-term with fiberglass composite doors, the most cost-effective choice in the market.

Speaking of beauty, fiberglass doors now rival wood doors in magnificence. You can make a statement, impress your visitors, with a creatively designed fiberglass door. Whether you choose to go for a rustic wood style door or a custom color fiberglass door with decorative glass, your choice of fiberglass doors over steel or wood is the best decision you can ever make. Apart from beauty, you’ll also get security, durability, performance, and, most importantly, value for your money.

With over 25 years of experience, Aspen Home Improvements is your ideal partner when choosing and installing premium-quality fiberglass composite doors. With our vast experience, you’re certain of getting excellent services in the following states;  PennsylvaniaVirginia, and Maryland. Contact us today for the best door solutions for your home.


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