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Professional vs. DIY Door Installation

Every property owner always seeks affordable options to improve the aesthetic and functional appeal of their premises. Do-It-Yourself home improvement projects are a great way to stay productive in your spare time and maybe save a little on installing fixtures and finishes. DIY projects are, however, not a guarantee that you won’t burn through your savings when renovating your home. Some areas, such as doors, kitchens, and bathrooms, require professional installation in order to function properly. While replacing/installing doors instantly improves your home’s curb appeal, it is not the easiest task to perform yourself. To help you gauge whether you are ready to install a door yourself, this article compares professional door installation with DIY door installation.

Why You Need Properly Installed Doors

Whether you choose to engage a professional or install the door yourself, proper installation is necessary for optimum performance. Being your home’s point of contact with the external environment, there should be no gaps or errors in measurement when performing door installation. A properly installed door should:

  • Swing and slide freely instead of sticking when opened
  • Not bang on items inside your home
  • Help retain warmth in winter
  • Keep away drafts in summer
  • Offer energy-savings benefits
  • Not allow insects and other creatures through gaps
  • Prevent water leakage
  • Not have dents or dings

With all these requirements, you will need someone with at least intermediate carpentry skills to install your door for a worry-free project. While those with extensive DIY experience can install doors, there are limits to which you could install doors yourself. Let’s take a look at why you will need a professional door installer.

Reasons to Hire a Professional Door Installer

Working with a qualified door installer will get you plenty of benefits. These include:

1. Expert Consultation

When you choose an experienced, qualified contractor, the main benefit comes from the fact that you are working with a professional. These firms will provide you with a free consultation to gain an understanding of your requirements. Additionally, they will give you a comprehensive cost and time estimate which will help you prepare your budget. These contractors prioritize customer satisfaction and quality, which means they will offer the best materials, products, and provide you with exceptional client service. Professional installers will always ensure you get a considerable return on your investment.

2. Proper Insulation

For a complete door installation, insulation should be done professionally and in-line with local requirements. Professional installers use specialized tools to get your door measurement right, ensuring no miscalculations in the fit between your door and the frame. With a professional door installation, you can minimize drafts anytime. Since doors are the greatest source of heat loss in your home, proper insulation will maintain your internal home temperature, shielding your rooms from adverse weather changes. Professionals also install insulation to protect your home from humidity and freezing in the cold weather, significantly reducing your energy bills.

3. Improved Security

Proper installation of your front doors will address most security issues. When you work with a qualified door installer, they’ll check all the components such as the peephole, alarm system, surveillance cameras, and door locks to deter unwanted access. Professionals are also experts in installing extra security features such as a double door, letterboxes, tamper-proof cylinders, and hinge bolts that will further improve the safety of your home and its occupants. With a professional door installation, you are guaranteed that door locks and other safety features will work correctly once installed.

4. When to Perform a DIY Door Installation

With the right tools and general carpentry skills, you could replace doors yourself. This calls for someone who is comfortable working with power tools and has a little home improvement experience. In most cases, replacing an interior door is an easy task. Here are some requirements for a DIY door installation:

A form of transport– since you are working yourself, you will need access to a truck that will help you take the door home. Keep in mind that French, Patio, and Storm doors require more space to transport, so you will need a larger truck. Without your own form of transport, your retailer will get the door home for you at an extra cost.

Proper tools– If you go for a pre-hung door, you will need a screwdriver, pry bar, level, hammer, caulk, and a caulking gun. Several additional tools are necessary for installing the door of a different size. These tools are usually expensive and mostly found in the possession of professionals.

Experience– Doors call for a little experience in performing DIY home improvements. While you can install a pre-hung door easily into a non-damaged frame, you will need assistance to replace a rotten frame. For proper security and energy efficiency, all exterior doors should fit tightly into their openings. This calls for confidence in woodworking and other skills that can only be gained through hands-on experience.

Time– A DIY project is a great bonding time for family. Professional installers will get your door working in a fraction of the time it would take you. Before installing a door on your own, you need to ask yourself how much your time is worth. Sometimes it’s better to let an installer do the job in a couple of hours while you spend quality time with your family instead of spending an entire weekend trying to hang your door.

Let Our Professionals Handle your Door Installation Needs

While a DIY project is good for various home improvements, you need to take self-inventory before installing doors by yourself. Only install doors yourself if you have the right knowledge, tools, experience, and the time to finish it. You can count on Aspen Home Improvements for all your door installation and replacement needs. If you are in  DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland, contact us today. Our professional staff will guide you through our incredible selection of doors guaranteed to reduce your energy bills and improve your curb appeal.



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