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How to Clean a Double Hung Window


There are many reasons to clean your windows. Keeping windows clean is key to prolonging their beauty and lifespan. Cleaning windows helps slow down the degradation of glass panes since it removes dust particles that cause scratches. Clean windows keep your home looking at its best, giving you an improved curb appeal. When moss and dirt particles build up on your windows and seals, your indoor air quality goes down. Cleaning windows helps keep your family safe by eliminating these health hazards. Clean windows also let you enjoy better views and improves heating efficiency. Double-hung windows are growing in popularity among homeowners since you can open one or both sashes. They are also easy-to-clean. In this article, I’ll highlight the procedure on how to clean a double-hung window.

Step 1: Preparation

To perform a good cleaning job, you should be aware of the safety practices when working on windows and doors. You also need to have the right window cleaning supplies. These include:

  • A Window Cleaner
  • Dust Cloths
  • A Vacuum or Wiping Cloth
  • A Bucket of Warm Water
  • Squeegee
  • Cloths/Towels

You should also remove all window screens to ensure you can access the interior and exterior of your windows. At this point, you should check your window panes and frames to see if there are any components that need repairs. This is the right time to vacuum/wipe down the bottom sill of your window to remove dust that often settles there. This will make the cleaning less messy. Using a vacuum and an extension hose, or a dry towel, clear all debris.

Step 2: Interior Window

Whether you should start with the interior or exterior window is a matter of preference. Cleaning the interior first will give you an idea of what dirt exists on the outside of your window. If your window uses removable window grilles, detach and lift them away from the glass panes near the edge of the frame. Leave the grille clips in place. Use a standard window cleaner and a cloth to clean the glass. Cleaning the interior of your windows should not take much time as it is not exposed very little dust.

Step 3: The Exterior Window

With double-hung windows, you can easily clean the exterior glass panes from the inside of your home. You will not need a ladder to access windows on the upper floors. To clean your window from inside, raise the bottom sash by about a half afoot. Find the tilt hatches on the sash and pull inwards, making it reach an almost flat 90° angle. Then pull the top sash about half a foot downwards, find the tilt hatches and pull inwards. Exercise caution not to pull too hard as you may damage the frame. You could use a stool or chair to support the sash while working on it.

Step 4: Dried-In Dirt

The exterior of the windows is usually very filthy. It can be difficult to remove all the dust particles by using ordinary window cleaner. You can use a DIY solution of two spoonfuls of vinegar mixed into a gallon of water. You can use a mild detergent to clean frames and the jamb liner. You can use a squeegee to give you that clean, spot-free appearance.

Step 5: Return the Windows to Their Natural Position

After cleaning the glass and the frames, give the window some time to dry. Make sure all the materials are dry and cured before putting the windows back. Lift and rotate the upper sash until it clicks into place. Use very little force and exercise caution not to force the sash past its initial position as this could damage the windows.

If you have ever wondered how to clean a double-hung window, use the above steps. Cleaning double-hung windows are pretty simple and straightforward. For the best cleaning experience, your windows should tilt easily. If you have any difficulties using the hatches or sashes, it’s time to replace your windows.

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