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Front Door Styles You May Consider

Your front door gives the first impression visitors have on your house. In fact, doors set the tone of the entire house. Due to the very many options on the market, choosing the best door style for your home may be a little tedious. In order to make your work easy, we decided to compile a list of the best front door styles you may consider.

  1. Fiberglass doors

The use of fiberglass doors has increased. Their rise in popularity is majorly due to fiberglass’ ability to mimic wooden doors as well as their durability and quality performance. Homeowners love the prospect of having a wood-like front door without the hustle of maintaining real wooden doors. You will be sure to find a style that suits your taste.

Fiberglass doors are one of the best in terms of durability and energy efficiency. Their lifespan is just incredible. Fiberglass doors are stuffed with foam materials within its core so as to help with insulation. This insulation technique is quite effective, and plays a major role in saving energy in your home.

You don’t have to worry about security when you have a fiberglass front door. The tough and resilient build will deter burglars. This solid construction will also withstand an onslaught from the elements.

  1. Steel doors

Security, strength and durability: those are what you get from a steel door. Steel doors have been in use for a long time and have remained popular for good reasons.

Steel doors come in multiple styles and strengths. The lower the gauge, the thicker a steel door you have. You will choose what suits your interests. Steel doors are made with internal core insulation so as to help in energy saving.

The downside of steel doors is that they are vulnerable to the bearings of extreme weather.

  1. Solid wood door

The look of a solid wood door is unparalleled. Solid wood doors are the benchmark of aesthetics. They are not only beautiful but also sturdy enough to fulfil your security needs.

Wooden doors are excellent insulators, thus help in your home’s energy saving efforts.  However, their initial cost is usually high. Besides, you will have to regularly maintain their look by redoing the finish regularly. That is why new homeowners are shying away from wooden doors. However, provided you can shoulder the cost of installation and maintenance, wooden doors are the best front door style.

We advise you to go for high-quality wooden doors such as mahogany.

  1. Glass doors

Glass doors are quite special. They are such a bold way to set the tone to your home. They also let in light into the house. Through a glass door, you shall enjoy the view of the outside from inside your house.

There are different colours, sizes and types of glass doors in the market. Glass being a poor conductor of heat, serves as good insulation.

The downside of glass doors is that they expose your house. Your privacy may be compromised greatly. This should be easy to handle though. Simply use curtains. When considering a front door style, we advise you to use double-paned glass doors because they are more secure and durable than single-paned glass doors.

  1. Doors with glass panels

Doors with glass panels are a good substitute for people who want better privacy than that offered by glass doors. Doors with glass panels are one of the best door stakes you may consider for your home. You will still enjoy the thrill of natural light let into your home without too much exposure. They come in different styles, shapes and patterns.

They only disadvantage of doors with glass panels is that they are quite tedious to clean. The panels especially are rather difficult to clean. Nonetheless, the cleaning process is key to the aesthetics of the door.

Just like glass doors, doors with glass panels are good insulators and will help you cut energy costs.

  1. Double doors

Double doors are quite conspicuous. Their elegance is so outstanding that most people’s attention shall be grabbed by its sheer magnificence. They also provide a lot of space to move in or out of the house. Double doors come in all types of materials, wood, glass, fiberglass and steel. Get one that suits your preferences.

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