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Aspen EcoPro Composite Window

Discover the Aspen EcoPro Composite Window Series, meticulously designed to turn your dream home into a reality. Our composite windows feature the elegant, sleek, and matte finishes reminiscent of traditional wood, complemented by a wide range of internal laminates, an array of exterior colors, unique hardware options, and custom shapes to perfectly match your vision.

Aspen EcoPro Composite Windows are crafted from advanced polymeric composite (APC) material, specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of the window industry. With exceptional window energy efficiency performance and unmatched durability, these windows set a new standard in the market, ensuring a lifetime of comfort for your family. Plus, every Aspen EcoPro Composite Window is backed by our Lifetime Transferable Warranty, providing peace of mind for years to come.

Why Choose the Aspen EcoPro?


What sets the Aspen EcoPro Composite Window apart from others on the market? The key lies in its construction using advanced polymeric composite (APC) material, allowing for solid sashes and frames that eliminate the need for additional insulation. These windows feature rigid, extruded interlocks at the meeting rail, ensuring a tighter seal to minimize drafts. Additionally, they come with beautifully designed ergonomic hardware in modern finishes and multiple glass options to satisfy any homeowner’s needs.

The Aspen EcoPro Composite Window utilizes a butt-joint weld, combining traditional joinery aesthetics with the strength of advanced fusion welding. This method not only enhances the product’s durability but also provides the elegant look of a true wood window. Offering some of the best thermal performance benefits in the industry, these windows incorporate a variety of principal features which includes bulb gaskets on the top and bottom sashes and meeting rail, a dual dam leg sill and sash interlock, and V-Fin gaskets on the sides, ensuring a tight and efficient seal.

Interior Vinyl Window Colors

Aspen EcoPro Max offers four beautiful internal window laminates in addition to our standard White to give your home a distinct look. If you want to keep your home bright choose the white and almond interior window colors to increase the appeal of the natural lighting. If you want to go for a more traditional look choose the wood grain window laminates.

Exterior Vinyl Window Colors :

To give your home a unique appearance and increase curb appeal, The Aspen EcoPro provides six optional exterior stock colors and custom exterior colors from a virtually unlimited selection of paints. Therefore, if you are looking to color match or choose a more unique color you can choose from an almost infinite variety of paints from the Sherwin Williams collection to create custom exterior colors. Theses options can also be used as exterior window trim paint colors as well. Our custom window paints are environmentally safe and durable, giving your window a vibrant and long-lasting color finish. Printed colors may not match the product’s actual color so setup a appointment to view actual color samples.

Custom Window Hardware Options:

Our beautiful, oversized, lock and keepers bring an elegance to the window that you will not see anywhere else. Our hardware is made to blend with the various window types and decorating concepts we provide to produce a style and finish that expresses your individual taste. The Aspen EcoPro Maxx comes standard with White hardware or Matte Bronze but you can customize hardware options to give an extra flair and elegance to your window design.

Double Hung/Slider Windows Hardware

Casement/Awning Windows Hardware

Custom Window Grid Options

GBG grilles are made of aluminum bars that are sealed in the insulating area between the two glass panes. This makes cleaning your windows significantly more simple since both the inside and exterior glass surfaces are unaffected.

A permanent interior and exterior grid with spacer will give the room a genuinely genuine appearance. To match the style of your home, interior grids are also available in wood laminates or Euro-White. External grids are offered in Euro-White or exterior-compatible colors. Of course windows grids are optional if you prefer windows without grids.

Custom Window Grid Patterns

Are you searching for a gorgeous design element that instantly distinguishes your house both inside and out? For your Aspen EcoPro Maxx, you may highlight the architectural style that appeals to you by selecting from a variety of decorative grilles.

Glass Options:

The different selections of textured glass offered by the Aspen EcoPro Maxx add aesthetic flair to any design while providing variable light management. There is a basic glass texture available for almost every application and aesthetic, from traditional to modern, so you have a variety of options at your disposal. Here are the available glass options: Textured, Tempered, Laminated, and Custom Configurations(not all are not pictured below)

Our HeatSeal® glass is perfect fluctuating northeast climate temperatures. It helps to keep the warm air in during the winter and protect your home from the heat of the sun in the summer.  Here are the available glass options: Textured, Tempered, Laminated, and Custom Configurations(not all are not pictured below)

Our SunSeall® glass is perfect fluctuating northeast climate temperatures. It helps to keep the warm air in during the winter and protect your home from the heat of the sun in the summer.  Here are the available glass options: Textured, Tempered, Laminated, and Custom Configurations(not all are not pictured below)

Custom Window Screens

Factory-installed half screens with robust handles are available from OKNA Windows. Screens may be easily stored by being removed from the inside. Additionally, we provide ThruVision Screens, which enhance window visibility while providing ideal ventilation and safeguarding the inside from pests.

ThruVision Plus is our fiberglass enhanced visibility screen. This technology enhances your window view by making it crisper and more vibrant, much like high-definition technology has done for viewing television on screens.

Composite Window Replacement Styles:

We offer 12 different Composite window styles. Each style is highly customizable to meet your ideal design. Explore all of the unique customization options below!

Looking For Energy Efficient Replacement Windows?

There are many benefits of installing energy efficient replacement windows. New energy-efficient tax credits have raised the standards for energy-efficient windows. In order to qualify for these tax credits, you must choose a window with a U-Factor of .30 or less. At Aspen, we use a standard U-Factor of .24 for our vinyl windows and U-Factor of .13 for our Aspen EcoPro Maxx Composite Window. The solid cellular composite material we use insulates 99% better than any other materials used to produce windows today! When you outfit your home with the Aspen EcoPro Maxx Composite Window you can save up to an average of 45% on cooling and heating bills

Aspen home Improvements has been a premium custom window dealer in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, and northern Delaware for over 30 years. With over a quarter century of experience you can trust that we will provide a quality window replacement and installation that will provide your home with long-lasting benefits.


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