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4 Signs That A Door Needs To Be Replaced

Your entry door is one of the first things that people see when they enter your home, yet it’s often overlooked when homeowners are making a list of what needs to be fixed up around the house. Why is that? The door is such an integral part of your home; it keeps your family safe and prevents outdoor elements like bugs and hot/cold drafts from entering the home. Our homes are so important to us, which is why we need to protect them! Door replacement for an old entry, storm, or patio door does just that!

Sometimes all it takes to enhance your doors is a little repair and maintenance—some WD-40 here or a little weather-stripping there—but oftentimes, door repairs just aren’t enough. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, it might be time to consider door replacement:

Doors that Scrape the Floor or Don’t Shut Easily

If you have a patio door that scrapes along the floor or an entry door that won’t shut easily (or won’t stay shut without locking), it’s time for a replacement! After years of use and weathering, doors can begin to sag and warp—the only fix for this problem is door replacement.

Drafts Coming From The Door

When a door ages, the seals around them can shrink and crack, allowing drafts to enter the home. If your house (specifically your entry room) seems to get really cold on winter nights or hot on those summer days, this might be the reason! Sometimes you can easily spot the source of the draft by looking for gaps and cracks around the door, but it’s possible to locate drafts that aren’t so visible.

When you stop those drafts from coming into the home by replacing your old door, you’ll not only feel a difference, but you’ll see a difference! Your monthly energy bill will begin to decrease due to the fixed drafts, plus, if you’ve installed one of Aspen Home Improvement’s Lasting Elegance brand energy-efficient doors, you’ll see even more savings!

Finding Ants or Other Small Bugs Throughout the House

If you have cracks and gaps in your door, it’s likely that you’re welcoming bugs into your home! Doors that don’t close properly can let in small insects that can not only be annoying but could even be damaging to your home.

Visible Damage to the Door and Hardware

The most noticeable sign that your door needs to be replaced is visible damage. Knicks and dings are one thing, but damage to latches and hinges cracking or rusting will only get worse if they’re not replaced. If your door’s hardware is starting to go, it’s likely that the door itself isn’t far behind.

Does your door have any of these signs? Then it’s time to consider replacing it.

This is a great time to add a little style and energy efficiency to your house. At Aspen Home Improvements we want to help you find the perfect door for your home, which is why we’re proud to offer over 80 different styles of Lasting Elegance entry doors in multiple color options! Made in the USA, every door we sell is energy-efficient, safe and secure, and guaranteed to never split, rust, or shrink—in other words, they’re built to last!

Learn how to find the perfect entry door for your home or let one of our home improvement specialists help you. Contact us to learn more!



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