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Windows Repair vs. Windows Replacement

Like many things we purchase, sometimes windows come to a point when they’re just not quite worth repairing anymore. At that point, what you need is a windows replacement.

The problem is in determining when exactly that point is. Here are areas you should consider when determining whether you should undertake a windows repair or a windows replacement for your home.

Windows Maintenance

Older windows require more maintenance than new windows, which is completely manageable if you have the time and don’t mind the extra work. If you’re just sick of the hassle of taking care of your windows, it might be time to replace them. Here are 3 questions you can answer that might sway your decision towards replacing windows instead of repairing windows:

Do the windows open and close easily?

If you opt for the AC or heater even on the nicest of days simply to avoid the hassle of getting your windows opened and closed, it might be time to have them replaced so that you can give your home a little fresh air!

Are your windows painted?

Painted windows can be a pain to keep looking nice as the paint can easily peel and become an eyesore inside and outside of your home. Replacing painted windows with new vinyl windows can eliminate this maintenance issue. If you don’t mind the sanding and repainting, and the windows are functioning as intended, then repairing the windows may be the best route for you.

How easy are your windows to clean?

If you avoid cleaning your windows because they’re so difficult to clean, or worse, unsafe, then it’s time to replace them.

Energy Efficiency

If you notice major fluctuations in temperature inside your home despite the air conditioning or furnace, it might be time to swap your windows for more energy efficient ones. If your windows aren’t energy efficient you may be letting cold air in during those chilly winter nights, which can increase your heating bill.

If your windows are energy efficient, drafts might be the problem and can be repaired by a professional, or you can try fixing the draft yourself.

Windows Repair Cost vs Windows Replacement Cost

Sometimes the cost of repairing a window just isn’t worth it. Here are some examples where replacing the window could be the cheaper or easier option in the long run:

Do you have wood rot?

If your windows are showing signs of wood rot, it’s time to replace. Although you can attempt to fix this problem, it can be time consuming and may not fix the issue for good.

Is your hardware sticking or not working properly?

You can replace the hardware on your windows, but of this doesn’t fix anything, the frame may be the problem and can be costly to fix.

Does condensation collect in your double pane windows?

This could mean you have problems with the glass or window frame, which means it’s time to invest in new windows.


Have you decided what to do? Are you going to repair or replace your home’s windows?

If you decide that windows replacement is the best option, Aspen Home Improvements has a variety of energy efficient window options to choose from and we offer professional window installation throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland. Contact Aspen to learn more about window replacement in PennsylvaniaVirginia, and Maryland.



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