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Fall Window and Siding replacement in Smithsburg, MD

Large Casement Window. picture window, and basement windowsProject Details:

Town: Smithsburg, MD

Project: Vinyl siding, replacement windows, Window Shutters, and window trim/capping

Windows Manufacturer: Okna Windows

Siding Manufacturer: Mastic Ovation

Fall window and siding project in Smithsburg, MD

You may not always be in the position to choose when a renovation will need to take place based on the severity of the project, but if you do have flexibility it can be beneficial to strategically schedule home renovations during the spring or fall months. That is exactly what our clients in Smithsburg Maryland did.

These homeowners did routine maintenance check ups on their home’s exterior and realized that they needed new window replacements for their entire home. The homeowners noticed that the insulation seals were broken between the panes of their windows which caused condensation and air drafts to form. Furthermore, they realized the increased utility bills between the past winters and confirmed the same signs during the late spring. They didn’t have a need to rush their window replacement during summer months so they used this time to their advantage.

Taking the time to make an informed decision

For the rest of the summer months they decided to use their time to get free quotes from various home improvement companies and learn about their windows. This allowed them to not rush a pressured purchase and a well informed decision on the best windows. Ultimately, throughout their search they decided to choose Aspen Home Improvements for our Okna replacement windows. They found the price to be fair for the value, customizations, and energy efficiency when compared to other window brands.

Assessing your needs when buying new windows

The homeowners weren’t looking for anything too special in terms of design but were most interested in picking an energy efficient window that could provide them a return on their investment for a longer period of time. That is exactly what they found when they learned that our Okna windows were energy star rated and additionally rated one of Energy Stars Most Efficient for 2022. This means that out of all of the Energy Star rated windows it was recognized amongst the most advanced products that qualify for Energy Star!

The home owners ended up purchasing 12 total windows. These 12 window styles included 12 Double Hung windows, 2 basement windows, 2 casement windows, and 1 larger picture window. Each window was custom built for each opening resulting in a perfect fit. They kept it simple with a clean all white window design. This included a white interior and exterior cladding, euro white hardware. Additionally they elected to not include any window grid patterns, glass texture options, and a half window screen option. Once they finalized their design our window technician took accurate measurements and submitted them to our manufacturer to be custom built. 4 weeks later the windows came in and we scheduled their window installation in the fall.

Benefit of replacing windows in the fall

The fall was a perfect time for them to install their windows as the weather was pleasant and they barely used any heating if any. Imagine having installers remove your windows in the middle of a cold winter, your home would be freezing and you would be paying a fortune in wasted heating bills. The best part was that our window installers were able to install all 12 windows in just 1 day which was impressive for a big job like this! The homeowners were so pleased with the quick installation of their new windows and window framing. 

Basement Window and Selection

For the basement windows they decided to go with custom Okna slider window style. The slider basement windows were elected as the window in the standard white interior clad and white exterior clad. They liked that Okna windows were Energy Star certified and offered superior energy efficiency ratings that exceeded what was recommended by the National Fenestration Rating Council. Our professional window installers were able to complete their basement windows installation in just a few hours.

Returning Customers for Siding Replacement

They loved our craftsmanship so much that they inquired about getting a siding replacement a month later! They loved the increased curb appeal the new windows created for their home and thought that new vinyl siding could really transform their home with a new look.

After sitting down with their loyal representative they elected the Silver Grey color out of the 29 mastic siding color options. For the siding style they elected 5 inch clapboard vinyl siding. Additionally, they added window shutters to their order in a coastal blue color. Our team was able to knock out the siding installation in 2 days right in time before the start of winter. Our Mastic siding also provided their home with increased energy efficient benefits making their home more insulated for the coming winter and summer seasons!


These homeowners were able to completely renovate the exterior of their home all throughout the fall months. This means that they are able enjoy the winter months with reduced energy bills and an increased curb appeal to show off during the holidays!

If you’re in the market for new windows, doors, siding, roofing, gutters, soffit or fascia replacement, contact Aspen Home Improvements! We are a trusted home improvement company that is licensed, bonded, and fully insured to install in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia!

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