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Why our clients trust their homes to us

At Aspen Home Improvements, experience, expertise, and professional service make us a top choice for renovation projects. We have earned our clients’ trust as we carry out every project with utter concern, and treat every client with the most respect. We take the time to understand your home improvement needs and give you the best options in terms of aesthetic and economic value. For any home improvement project within the Maryland, Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania states, contact us for a free consultation and quotation. We understand that home improvement projects are a serious investment, and you wouldn’t want to choose any contractor. In this article, we’ll give you the reasons why our clients trust their homes to us.


We have been a trusted name in Home Improvement for over 25 years. Thanks to our long history on the market, we understand everything about home improvement. We have been able to secure all the necessary permits and licenses in the states that we serve. We offer an impressive line of products and services, which is why we’ve been able to stay in the tough home improvement industry for over two decades. Throughout the years, we have demonstrated unmatched levels of professionalism and quality, which is why clients have always trusted us with their home improvement projects. We also have an established presence in the areas we serve. It is easy to find referrals and testimonials from others who have worked with us before, making it easy even for first-time clients to trust us with their work.

Energy Efficiency

We understand the importance of energy efficiency in reducing costs and improving your home’s resale value. Our high-performance windows are rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council. When we install these windows, our clients get to enjoy the benefits of tax credits and natural lighting. We also stock Premium Atlas 42” Shingles, which have a minimum environmental footprint. Our roofing projects get our client’s optimum thermal insulation, which helps reduce the cost of air conditioning, particularly when the weather is in the extremes. When performing siding installation or replacement, we use Mastic’s Quest and Ovation products which come with SolarDefense cooling technology for temperature regulation.  Clients have always entrusted us with home improvement projects since the benefits of our energy-efficient installations help recoup their investments.

High-Quality Products

We stock durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically appealing items that are guaranteed to improve the value of your home. Our windows have a standard U-factor of .24, which means they offer the highest levels of insulation and thermal regulation. We offer OKNA windows which are made using HeatShield™ glass which offers added protection against the elements. Our windows also offer improved safety since they are built with a multi-point locking system. We offer high-quality Atlas 42” roofing shingles which are weatherproof, elegant, and offer protection against winds up to 150 mph. These shingles are Scotchguard protected to prevent the buildup of algae on your roof. When clients work with us, they get to enjoy the elegance, safety, energy-efficiency, and high performance of our premium-quality products.

Trusted Partnerships

Manufacturers have chosen Aspen as their premium products’ top distributor due to our high-quality work. We are an OKNA Windows trusted partners, having worked with their products for nearly two decades. OKNA also trusts us to install their HMI doors for all home improvement projects. We are also a Premium Atlas Dealer, which means that Atlas products have trusted us to supply and install their roofing products all over the United States. These partnerships are usually based on a contractor’s competence and qualifications. These partnerships also ensure that material warranties stay valid due to verified installation. Clients trust us with their projects since we are a certified installer of the products we handle.

Professional Service

When a client contacts Aspen for a Home Improvement job, we give each project the seriousness it deserves. We assign qualified staff to assess, initiate, and manage the project. We strive to understand the clients’ home improvement needs before embarking on the project. We discuss the budget, renovation plans, and what the customer expects from the remodeling project. Our staff is always on hand to manage expectations and address client concerns as they arise. We keep communication throughout the project, to ensure the client feels like they are part of the project. Our professional service has always earned trust and referrals from our clients.

Aspen Home Improvements is Your Preferred Home Improvements Company

When you choose Aspen Home Improvements, you are guaranteed professional service, high-quality products, energy-efficient replacements, and unmatched renovations informed by 25 years’ in-field knowledge. Don’t take our word for it! Head on to our customer testimonials section to understand why clients all over have always trusted us with their home improvement projects. You can schedule an appointment with one of our experts today for your next renovation project.



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