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What To Have On Your Roof Maintenance Checklist

Your roofs need regular maintenance so they can have a long, effective lifespan. Besides improving your roof’s longevity, regular inspections and maintenance keep your warranty valid. While it is advised to have a roof inspector performing annual inspection and maintenance for you, there are a few maintenance procedures you can perform yourself. If you live in an extreme climate area, you should check your roof before and after adverse weather occurrences such as earthquakes, storms, winds, and hurricanes. If you decide to perform this inspection and maintenance, you should know what to look out for. In this article, we’ll tell you what to have on your roof maintenance checklist.

The Roof Maintenance Checklist

  1. Interior Signs of Roof Damage

Before you even get outside, you should look up at your ceiling for any signs of roof leakage. When you see dark stains on your ceiling, it is usually an indication of leakage. Please note, however, that the point of leakage is not always directly above the point of discoloration. Water tends to follow the path of least resistance and may move along the trusses before hitting your ceiling. The presence of rot, mold, and mildew on your walls and interior surfaces are usually an indicator of an ignored leak, so check your beams and trusses for the source. These leakage points should be the top priority when you are doing roof maintenance.

  1. Exterior for Signs of Roof Damage

As you step outside the house, check around the perimeter of your house for some telltale signs of roof damage. Check the ground for any granules. As your roof comes of age, your roofs granules come off in large amounts, indicating the need for maintenance. Check your roof decking for rust. The presence of rust spots indicates that your roof’s aluminum capping is beginning to fail. As you go further up, check your gutters and downspouts for debris as this will reduce the likelihood of structural damage. You should also check the exterior for any moss growth. You can sweep this with a broom so they don’t build up and cause damage to your shingles.

  1. Check the Flashing and Valleys

The flashing is where your roof meets the vents and chimneys. Valleys are the points of intersection for various roofing panels. You should check these areas for cracked caulk. A crack in the caulking will allow water to leak into your interior. The design of the flashings and valleys is such that you can direct water to the gutters and downspouts. Any leaks in these valleys could cause moisture buildup that leads to rot and mold growth. Re-caulking your valleys and flashing should, therefore, be top on your roof maintenance checklist.

  1. The Roof Surface

For your roof to work perfectly, the entire surface should be completely covered. Any signs of spotty coverage indicate impending roof damage.  Check to ensure that none of the shingles is buckled, deformed, missing, or cracked. In case of any cracked or missing shingles, you should schedule an immediate replacement. If your house uses a flat roof, check for any pools of collecting water. If you use a metal roof, the surface should be completely free from corrosion. Check to ensure that the panels are not lost or buckling.

  1. Equipment Supports

Exterior roof additions such as antennas, Air Conditioning units, and solar panels often contribute to your roof’s structural load. You have to ensure that these equipment’s supports are not sagging as this could contribute to buckling and loosening of shingles. Also, check for cracks and other signs of wear at the support’s base. Make sure that none of these elements have components that dig into your roof’s surface. Deflected hangers could also lead to the pooling of water on certain areas of your roof, contributing to long-term damage. You should also inspect your exterior structural components for signs of damage. This will help you avert larger replacement and repair costs.


Keeping your roof in a proper working condition will save you a lot in repair, replacement, and energy costs. Once you have come up with your roof maintenance checklist, you should list your activities in order of priority. Be sure to come up with a roof maintenance budget so you don’t strain your finances on unnecessary expenses. If you are in the greater Pennsylvania area, talk to Aspen Home Improvements about your roofing needs. We’ve been performing roof installations and replacements in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland for over two decades. Get in touch with us so we can schedule a consultation and an inspection in readiness for your next roofing job.


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