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What Time of The Year Should I Replace My Roof?

If you see signs that your roof is up for replacement, the best time to start working is now. If you wait too long trying to extend your roof’s lifespan, you could end up causing significant damage to your home. However, there are seasons of the year when it would be great to perform your roof replacement. This could be due to great weather, good prices, contractor availability, or a combination of these factors. At Aspen Roofing, we’d love you to get the best deal on your roof replacement. Today, you’ll find out the best time of year to replace your roof.


There are many ways in which you could benefit from a summer roof replacement. The dry and mild weather characteristic of summers accommodates an efficient working pace. Most contractors are comfortable working in the milder hours of the day and perform plenty of operations in a short time frame. In summer, the humidity levels are at a minimum, which is great for storing and transporting materials. Warmth and reduced moisture levels minimize the chance of roofing materials dampening, freezing, and cracking. The pleasant summer weather also reduces the chances of delays due to horrible weather.


  • Predictable weather
  • Timely roof replacement
  • Reduced chance of material cracking or dampening


  • Contractors are overbooked


If you are looking for a complete roof replacement, winter is one of the hardest months to work with. If you never managed to get your roof inspected and fixed over the warmer months, worry not. There are a few upsides to getting your roof replaced in winter. It is actually more affordable to get your roof fixed during winter. This is because most roofing contractors are busy during summer and the other warmer months of the year. During winter, these roofers are on the low business season, meaning they can offer discounted prices on installation. Scheduling a winter roof replacement can be a great option for those who wish to do it on a budget.


  • Affordable
  • Many roofing contractors are available
  • You get your roofer’s full attention


  • Bad weather may bring delays
  • The adhesive takes a lot longer to seal


Autumn offers a middle ground between the warm summer months and the cold winter seasons. During summer, your roof takes a huge beating from the wind, rain, and, on rare occasions, hurricanes. If you have an older roof, you’ll probably notice signs of wear on your roof at the end of the summer. A fall roof replacement strengthens your roof after this harsh season. Replacing your roof in fall also lets you prepare for the incoming cold season. A fall roof replacement forms an airtight envelope that shields your interior from snow, ice, and frost that deposits on the roof during the winter season. The weather is also pleasant so your contractor will work efficiently with little or no delays. The weather is also perfect for the adhesive to heal, making your roof watertight.


  • Excellent weather for the contractor to work and materials to heal
  • Gets your roof winter-ready
  • Quicker roof replacement reduces the inconvenience to your family


  • More expensive since contractors are fully booked


If you’ve made it through the winter, Spring is absolutely the best time to replace your roof. The steady weather poses no challenges for installation. As the cold winter fades away, you could notice signs that your roof has suffered from hail, snow, and ice buildup. The harsh weather may have introduced leaks, drafts, and cave-ins, which demand your immediate attention. An early spring looking for a roof replacement will also get you a great deal since the roofers are not busy yet. Spring weather also offers the appropriate time for your sealant and shingles to set, giving your roof maximum performance.


  • Pleasant weather for installation
  • Ideal conditions for materials to set in
  • Early bookings get an affordable installation
  • Helps your roof recover from winter damage


  • The weather can be a little unpredictable with torrential rains
  • The cost of installation tends to rise with time

So, what time of the year should you replace your roof?

If we could pick a specific time of year that is perfect for roof replacement, then it would be fall and spring. Both seasons are a transition between harsh months and offer the perfect time to replace roofs damaged by ice, storms, wind, hail, and snow. Additionally, the weather conditions are perfect for roofers when working, and are ideal for the setting of materials. If you feel your roof needs a replacement, though, don’t wait for the perfect time. Contact a reputable contractor to assess your roof replacement needs. If you are in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland, and need help with your gutters, contact us today to join a network of happy customers satisfied with our excellent workmanship and service delivery. We’ll get you the most resilient, energy-efficient roofs for your property.


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