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What is the Best Value in Home Remodeling?

Any homeowner would be interested in home improvements that give the highest return on investment. While remodeling is largely about the look and feel of your home, it should also give you the most value for your money. There are as many home remodeling choices as there are homes, but there are improvement projects that improve the value of your home while giving it a refined look. As a homeowner, you could be asking yourself, ‘What is the Best Value in Home Remodeling?’ At Aspen Home Improvements, we’d love you to recoup as much of your investment as possible. In this article, we describe the renovations that will give your home the highest resale value.

1. Addition of Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors

Most buyers in the modern property market consider energy efficiency when shopping for a home. ENERGY STAR certified windows and doors improve your home’s energy efficiency, and could save you up to $500 annually in heating and cooling costs. Upgrading your windows and doors entitles you to a 10% tax credit. You are also guaranteed to recoup between 70% and 90% of your investment in energy-efficient windows and doors. The economic benefits of energy-efficient windows and doors are no match for the beauty and elegance they bring to your home. These windows and doors are designed to let in as much natural sunlight as possible, giving your interior a crisp, clean look. They also make your home more comfortable since they offer year-round thermal regulation.

2. Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is considered your home’s epicenter. Upgrades you perform in the kitchen are bound to pay off. If you perform your kitchen remodel with a plan and a budget, you could recoup up to 120% of your investment. When upgrading your kitchen, take into account your home’s current look & feel and the intended buyers of the house. Kitchen renovations typically cost between $12000 and $18000. You wouldn’t want to spend this much on an upgrade if it won’t drive your buyers towards purchasing the house. One of the best kitchen remodeling projects involves giving it a fresh coat of paint. Consider low-VOC paint that doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. Upgrading to energy-efficient kitchen appliances also instantly improves your home’s value.

3. Bathroom Upgrades

Updating or adding bathrooms usually improves a home’s resale value. According to HGTV, you can recoup between 80% and 130% of your investments in upgrading your bathroom. If you are looking to add an extra bathroom, turn to unused rooms, and abandoned spaces. You could consider spaces within closets and beneath stairs, too. The cost of adding or updating a bathroom largely depends on the style and quality of the accessories you choose. Whether you are renovating or adding an extra bathroom, it is important to set a clear budget before embarking on the project and stick to it. Bathrooms have become a staple in many home buyers’ wish lists. Currently, the demand for bathrooms is 2.6 units per house and is constantly on the rise. With proper budgeting and workmanship, the bathroom can become a valuable addition to your home.

4. Energy-Efficient Insulation

It costs more to live and maintain a house that is not energy efficient. A home with energy-efficient insulation is more appealing to potential buyers. This is because homes that have been remodeled with energy efficiency in mind save up to $2500 in energy costs each year. When installing insulation, pay close attention to leak-prone areas. These areas include sockets, switches, around doors & windows, in basements & attics, and around ducts all over the house. You could improve energy efficiency by investing in CFL bulbs that utilize up to 75% less energy than ordinary bulbs. Programmable thermostats also appeal to buyers on the market, as they help to regulate temperature while optimizing energy usage. With energy-saving installations, you are bound to improve your home’s resale value.


At Aspen Home Improvements, we offer an impressive range of window replacements & installations, doors, and siding options that are guaranteed to improve your home’s curb appeal and resale value. If you are looking to perform a remodel that will recoup your investment, talk to us today. With over 25 years of experience in home improvements, we guarantee you a professional, appealing, and satisfying experience when you work with our team.



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