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Vinyl Window Buying Guide

As we can tell, the windows don’t last forever. Sooner or later, they get damaged or old, leaving an eyesore. When your windows start to tarnish, it brings down the value of your home and triggers the need for maintenance. It is essential to take care of the windows regularly and have them replaced occasionally to maintain its value. Buying and installing a high-quality vinyl window can be an excellent investment as they will hold up better and last even longer than most generic windows. In this vinyl windows buying guide, we take you through the abcs of vinyl windows.

Old windows cause air leaks that make your home feel drafty and, consequently, may lead to further high utility expenses. Having mentioned that one of the most cost-effective ways of replacing your old windows is using vinyl windows, we’ll dive right into the buying guide. With this post, we hope to equip you with all the basic info and what to look out for when buying a vinyl replacement window.

The Features To Look Out for When Buying Energy-Efficient Vinyl Windows

Below are some of the most sought after features of a vinyl window:

1. Low-emissivity glass (Low-E glass)

Low emissivity helps by blocking the ultraviolet rays without affecting the lighting of your interiors. Since they reflect the UV rays into the atmosphere while allowing higher wavelength light in, your vinyl window will keep your home cooler during summer and warmer during winter.

2. Insertion of Argon gas

This can be done by filling the spaces between glass panes with argon gas; an inert gas that limits the transfer of air between the glass panes, thus resulting in insulation; a smart way to achieve energy efficiency in your home.

3. Fade protection

If you have ever seen a piece of furniture fading due to exposure to the sun, then that’s how damaging the UV rays are. Having the fade protection coating reflects the ultraviolet rays back into the atmosphere. Once the UV light is taken out of the equation by your Vinyl windows, you stand to enjoy all the benefits of natural light without the worries of your interiors suffering the negative effects of UV light.

4. Triple-pane glass

Windows with more panes of glass are more energy-efficient. You may consider replacing your old single-pane window with a double/triple-pane glass to help you save some money.

Types of vinyl windows

Vinyl windows are available in all common window types. While shopping, expect the following styles:

  • Casement windows. These windows are suitable for areas where you can hardly reach over and open the window, for instance, laundry room or over the kitchen sink.
  • Specialty windows. This can be custom-made in any shape or size, thus enabling you to replace the historically artistic windows with a non-drafty one.
  • Bay and bow windows. The bay and bow window style will allow a significant amount of light into your home. These windows are best for reading nooks, greenhouses, and other ornamental applications.
  • Double-hung windows. These are designed as all-purpose windows and can be used in most homes. This type of window can tilt inward, thus making it easy to clean.
  • Sliding windows. Sliding windows are easy to use, as all you need to do is to slide them horizontally. Siding windows are suitable for windows that are wide and short, like the basement windows.
  • Venting windows. Built for durability, with venting windows, you can expect many years of reliable and consistent operation, without worrying about maintenance. Venting windows outclass all the window styles when it comes to energy efficiency, thus making them a popular choice among homeowners.

Most homeowners and property holders can have their windows replaced with the same style of an energy-efficient window. But, you can as well change the style to suit the unique architectural features of your home or your preferences. After identifying a supplier, ask them about the style of the window. A good windows contractor will help you chose the most appropriate style for you.

Vinyl window manufacturers

Replacing windows can be rather expensive but can last for years provided they are made and installed correctly. This is why you need to find a reliable and honest manufacturer and installer for your window. The manufacturer should have a good track record of success and show testimonials from other satisfied customers.

Besides, the vinyl window warranty is essential, especially with a high-value purchase. Ensure you go through the fine print for any vinyl replacement and see what type of warranty the manufacturer is offering.

Vinyl window installation contractor

After finding the right product from the right manufacturer, find a certified expert to install the windows because if the windows are not installed correctly, the manufacturer may not honor the warranty. Like the manufacturer, the right contractor also has references, good work history on window installations, as well as sociable and knowledgeable conduct.

Benefits of vinyl windows

  • Vinyl windows are a reliable way of replacing drafty windows and improving your home’s value at an affordable price.
  • Vinyl windows are maintenance-free after installation and they come in many colors, so you can be sure that there’s something that blends well with your décor.
  • They are durable and require no painting or other modern advances that reduce the risk of cracking, peeling, fading, and warping. These windows last for up to about 30 years.
  • Vinyl windows are also energy efficient and provide more excellent thermal protection than windows made of wood or aluminum.

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