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Dutch Lap and Vinyl Shake Siding Installation in Downingtown, PA

Window Replacement in Downingtown PA

Project Details

Town: Downingtown, PA

Project: Vinyl Siding Replacement

Vinyl Siding Manufacturer: Mastic Ovation

Window Manufacturer: Okna Windows

How We Helped a Homeowner Improve Their Curb Appeal and Energy Efficiency with Vinyl Siding

The homeowners at Ashcom Drive, Downingtown, PA 19335 had a home exterior problem. Their home had old rotten wood shake shingle siding that was falling apart. It was causing moisture problems and making their home look unattractive. They also had old light green vinyl siding that was faded and outdated. It did not match their style or their energy needs.

They wanted to improve their home’s curb appeal and energy efficiency. They wanted a siding that would look beautiful, last long, and save them money on heating and cooling bills. They also wanted a reliable contractor who would do a quality job at a fair price.

They contacted us for help. They originally learned about us at a local home show in West Virginia, where we showcased our products and services. They also saw our great reviews online from satisfied customers. Years ago, we replaced their windows when we met the homeowners at the home show and they were very happy with our service and products. They remembered that we also installed siding and they wanted to work with us again because they trusted our team!

They originially installed our Okna windows into their home and have noticed great efficiency performance from them. They installed several  high-quality white vinyl windows in the standard double hung window style. In their experience the windows were durable, easy to operate, and energy-efficient. The window replacement also included new window capping and trimming for a neat and finished look. Bein that they had a great experience they reached out to a free siding consultation.


Our Solution: Mastic Triple Perfection Vinyl Siding with Norandex House Wrap Insulation

We suggested a solution that would meet their needs and exceed their expectations. We recommended replacing both the old wood shake shingle siding and the old light green vinyl siding with new Mastic Triple Perfection brand vinyl siding.

This siding style is designed to mimic the look of natural cedar shakes, but without the hassle of maintenance or the risk of rotting or warping. It is made of high-quality vinyl material that resists fading, cracking, peeling, or denting. It comes in a variety of colors and textures to suit any taste or preference.

The siding color they chose for most of their home was light green, matching their original color but with a fresher and more efficient material. They also added some Brandywood color shake shingles on certain parts of their home for detail, contrast and to preserve the home’s orginal look. This created a unique and attractive look that enhanced their home’s character and charm.

Our installers also installed Norandex house wrap insulation under the siding to provide an extra layer of protection against air infiltration and heat loss. This insulation helps keep the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer, reducing energy costs and improving comfort levels.

The project took only a day to install, which minimized disruption to the homeowners’ lives. We cleaned up the site thoroughly afterwards, leaving no mess or debris behind.


The Results: A Beautiful, Inviting, and Energy-Efficient Home

The homeowners were thrilled with the outcome of their siding project. They said their home looks more beautiful and inviting than ever before. They have noticed a difference in their indoor comfort and energy bills since the installation. They also appreciated our professionalism, quality workmanship, and competitive pricing.

They said they would recommend us to anyone looking for vinyl siding installation in Downingtown, PA. Even their neighbors noticed their home’s new curb appeal
and complimented them on their choice of siding!

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