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Types of metal roofs

The type of roofing is an imperative factor when it comes to building a house. A metal roof is epic since it is durable and reliable; above all, it brings out an aesthetic view to your house if you involve an expert. However, different types of metal roofs flood the market, and therefore, due diligence is mandatory to get the right roofing.

A good roof that is well-maintained should last for up to 30 years. That means you will have onetime roofing before planning for repair after several years. For that period, you will be protected against harsh weather.

Asphalt shingle has dominated the market for decades because of its diverse colors that match perfectly with architectural designs in the roofing world. Besides, they are economical compared to other roofing materials.

Contemporarily, there have been advances in the construction industry in terms of roofing technology. Different designs have hit the market that brings out more elegance while maintaining durability. Moreover, recycled metals such as tin, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum are re-designed to show a great roof with a modern outlook.

Metal roofing enjoys a variety of benefits apart from durability. They have wider color choices, energy-saving, and more extended warranties. In addition, metal roofs have high emissivity, thus are thermally efficient in high-temperature regions. Another factor that makes metal roofing exceptional is that it is resistant to rot.

Now that you have a clue on the history of roofing and the advantages of metal roofing let’s dive into the types of metal roofing to consider.

  1. Copper Roofing

Copper roofing has been in the market since the prehistoric era. It is termed as the ancient form of metal roofs. Copper is a durable metal that can survive harsh weather. Its appearance fits in any style, making it versatile. The metal, in the hands of a professional, provides a long-term roofing solution. Its lightweight nature allows for easy transportation and installation.

Moreover, its appearance also saves you the cost of painting or finishing as compared to other metals. The metal is malleable and ductile; therefore, it can be fogged to any shape of your choice. If you need roofing structures that are irregular like domes, copper is your top choice.


  • Copper is durable, and its roofing can serve beyond the stipulated 30 years
  • It is lightweight, making it easy to install and fast to transport
  • Copper incorporates a sturdy surface making it hard to damage


  • The most expensive roofing material in the market
  • It expands and contracts based on the weather
  1. Aluminium Roofing

The roofing process is essential, and aluminum metal can be used in its seam roof or metal form to solve this problem. If properly installed, aluminum is resistant to harsh weather. It is interconnected from interlocking shingles, which are laid side by side in groups of four. The final view is pleasing and durable. In fact, aluminum roofing can go up to 50 years without replacement. This makes aluminum roofing economical in the long run.


  • If well-maintained, aluminum roofing goes for a long time
  • It is useful in salty areas like coastal regions since aluminum does not rust easily


  • A costly type of roofing option
  1. Steel Roofing

Steel is an alloy of metals and other elements put together to make a roofing material. It is used in both commercial and residential buildings. In fact, the steel used in most of the roofing works is made of an alloy of iron, recycled materials, and other elements. Steel roofing can be categorized into three types, including zinc on top of steel to limit corrosion, zinc and aluminum composite, and lastly, weathering steel, which is used as a heavy material.


  • Pocket-friendly type of roofing option
  • Steel is readily available
  • The element is flexible making it easy to mold
  • Its sturdy nature makes it a useful material to use in severe weather conditions like hail


  • The metal rusts when used alone
  1. Zinc Roofing

Zinc is one of the few metals used for roofing. It has gained popularity for its striking appearance and environmentally friendly features. The versatile metal exhibits an unlimited range of artistic features that is good for architectural design.


  • The metal can be molded into any roofing shape
  • Zinc is durable and can serve your roof for a long time
  • The metal is corrosion-resistant, thus can last long when exposed to rust
  • It is recyclable, thus environmentally friendly


  • Zinc metal is soft and can be easily damaged when in harsh environments.


There are many other alternative roofing options, but none beats metal roofing. Metal roofing offers a range of services, from flexibility, longevity, and affordability. The above metals give you a good picture of the diversity to choose from if you plan to install a roof over your head.

The remaining part is to involve an expert who is a real roof doctor for satisfactory results.

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