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Tips for Improving Your Home’s Value with Landscaping

The value of your home is pegged on how potential buyers perceive it. It is important to make sure that your home appeals to buyers even without aggressive advertisement for sale. The ambiance in your home should speak more than your marketing efforts. Landscaping is actually a more potent feature that will stand out among other house structures. In this article, we look into some of the best tips for improving your home’s value with landscaping.

Important Landscaping Tips That Will Improve The Value of Your Home

1. Plant trees

Trees are essential for human living in that they are the source of oxygen and also absorb carbon dioxide. This simple biological process is very important as humans cannot leave without oxygen. In addition, trees are a source of beauty in your home. There are many trees that will add to your home’s curb appeal. They include; crape myrtle, white dogwood, redbud, saucer magnolia, and Chinese pistache. Consult a surveyor or design engineer for the proper location of trees to prevent them from spreading to unwanted areas.

2. Construct a pathway

Driveways or walkways will impress potential buyers. Their conviction should start from outside. A smooth transition through a stylish walkway to the front entrance of the house gives them a good impression. Ideally, your pathway should be decorated with some flowers or plants on the sides.

3. Stylish lighting

Your home should always be attractive. Landscape lighting will always amplify your home’s appearance at night, a great feeling that will make you wish to stay at home all the time. Low voltage outdoor lights will fit the bill to maintain your low budget.

4. Enhanced Privacy

Your home should have some privacy so that not every passer-by can have a view of the inside. You can invest in windows that will allow more natural light but deters neighbors from seeing what is inside your house. Trees are also important in maintaining your home privacy especially those that provide a thick canopy that will not expose your home. Remember you are upgrading your home which translates to a higher value, ensuring privacy is central to what buyers want.

5. Install a water fountain

A water sprinkler has a unique way of giving life to any dull environment. Having a sprinkler that waters your grass, trees, and flowers in hot weather not only keeps the plants alive but also rejuvenates the look of your home. An automated irrigation system allows you to have your own time without always spending time to water your compound. Watering can take place even when you are away from home as your system is automated. This kind of technique will add value to your home as it is among the elements that attract others to buy your home.

6. Edging

The fact that you have flowers and grass is not enough to improve the value of your home. Edging ensures that there are boundaries to keep away grass from overlapping to areas such as walkways. You can use concrete or stones for edging around your flowers and house. This would keep your home always in good shape with a clear demarcation.

7. Urns and pots

Your home would look complete with flowers in a pot which helps you fill up some gaps that may be left on your veranda. You can use the pots and urns on either side of the veranda for improved ambiances. The front door is the most appropriate place to put the pots or you can put the pots or urns along the pathway as barriers to grass.


When it comes to improving the look of your home, choosing the right elements to revamp or add to your compound gives you a greater return on investment. If you are in  DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland, contact Aspen Home Improvements for a consultation on home improvements. We have been doing home improvements for over two and a half decades and will guide you through the most efficient and valuable choices for your entry door.


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