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Siding Replacement in Nazareth PA

Project Details

Town: Nazareth PA

Project: Vinyl Siding Replacement, Trim Replacement, Soffit and Fascia Installation

Vinyl Siding Manufacturer: Mastic Ovation Alside

Composite Siding Manufacturer: Alside

Trim, Soffit and Fascia Manufacturer: Alside

Homeowner’s siding problem

Our client in Nazareth, PA recognized pieces of old siding starting to shift and detach from the home’s exterior. They tried making quick repairs but the siding kept buckling and falling off as time passed. They acknowledged that it was time to replace the siding and that their home was ready for an exterior makeover. Eventually, they reached out to Aspen Home Improvement with their siding questions knowing that we were well known for our quality siding installation experience. 

Educating our client on home siding issues

We explained to the homeowners that there are several reasons why his old siding was shifting and falling off. We informed them that when a home’s siding gets old it will experience normal wear and tear over time which includes fading, buckling, cracking and shifting of the siding. We also mentioned that various temperature changes in the North Eastern climate can cause the siding to expand and contract throughout the siding’s lifetime. That change in siding size is what is causing shifting of the individual panels and the strong winds are what is pulling the siding panels off the home.

Our vinyl & composite siding options

After educating our client we showed them a catalog of the various siding products that we offer. At Aspen Home Improvements we offer both premium vinyl siding from Mastic and a durable composite siding from Alside. Both of our siding options from these brands are built to last a lifetime and we even back it up with a top lifetime warranty. After comparing the product samples the clients were leaning toward the Composite siding because they liked the solid feel of the thick composite panels but they also loved the different vinyl siding styles we offered. Our representative then recommended a double siding style idea and even presented them with a gallery of similar projects we completed for other clients. He loved it and decided to install both a mix of composite and vinyl siding on his home.

Custom house siding selections

Our client then analyzed the different options for each product and finalized his customizations. After analyzing our siding style options he decided to go with a scallop shake shingle style for the Vinyl Siding and a Dutchlap style for the composite siding. He elected both siding options in the deep moss green color. They liked the contrast that siding combination displayed while having a monochromatic look.

Installation of home siding

Once their custom siding options were finalized we scheduled an installation date to have our professional siding contractors install the siding. The entire project was completed in just 3 days. Our clients were very impressed and even decided to have us install new trims, soffit and fascia boards. This really tied the look together and gave a beautiful finishing touch to their project. Our clients were speechless and were even more impressed with the top lifetime warranty that was offered with our service. They can now enjoy their home’s new look and not worry about constant repairs. They knew if anything came up Aspen would be there to take care of their home.


The homeowners used this opportunity to make a bold change. They chose to replace the siding to not only avoid constant repairs and home damage but to give their home a fresh look. Additionally, their home will gain the siding replacement benefits of increased energy efficiency, home value, curb appeal, and reinforced protection of the homes exterior. This house went from a basic tan to a modern green, and it is striking! The homeowner, the neighbors, and our team are loving the result of this project!

If you are looking for a siding replacement service contact Aspen Home Improvements. We are a trusted siding installation contractor that is licensed, bonded, and fully insured to install siding in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia!

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