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Siding Replacement in Broomall PA

Vinyl Siding and Roofing in Broomall PA

Project Details

Town: Broomall, PA

Project: Vinyl Siding Replacement, Trim Replacement 

Vinyl Siding Manufacturer: Mastic Ovation

Trim, Soffit and Fascia Manufacturer: Alside

Neglection of home’s vinyl and wood siding 

Do you have a Tudor style home or a home style that utilizes a combination of mortar and wood? Or mortar and old vinyl siding? If so, how old are the vinyl or wood exterior portions of your home? Many homeowners whose home is mainly composed of a mortar exterior such as stones, bricks, stucco and concrete masonry tend to neglect and even forget about the maintenance of their wooden sections of their home’s exterior. Mortar home exteriors can last lifetimes but vinyl and wood exteriors will not. So it can be easy for homeowners to forget to check up on their home exteriors that don’t last as long or require more maintenance. 

Our customer in Broomall, PA had dealt with this same experience. Our customers live in a tudor style home that had an exterior composed of brick on the first story and wood panels on the second story. Since the beginning of their home ownership they never considered the maintenance of their wooden siding. Over time the wood started to become weathered down and even started rotting in a few small portions. The molding, cracking, and rotting of the wood exterior siding was a clear sign of a siding replacement. That is when they realized that it was time to get their siding replaced with a much more durable and aesthetically pleasing siding material.

Research for a New siding replacement

They liked the color and look of their wood siding and wanted to maintain the same curb appeal but with a more maintenance free solution. After doing some research they decided that they wanted to install top quality vinyl siding from Mastic. They then called Aspen Home Improvements, a locally certified and reputable mastic siding contractor. The homeowners expressed their interest in getting an estimate on what it would cost them to replace the second story siding with Mastic Vinyl siding. So our specialist booked them a completely free consultation at their home.

Educating our client on home siding issues

We sent over certified and trained siding specialists to educate them on the different Mastic siding options. Our representative brought along vinyl siding cut outs and insulation samples for our customers to get a look and feel of the siding products. Our specialist also showcased the 26 standard siding colors Mastic offered for their vinyl siding and over 200 different dream colors they could pick from to find the perfect match. Our representative homeowners were looking to keep a similar curb appeal so he showed home the siding styles that imitated the style of their wooden siding planks. 

Since the clients already had a siding style and color in mind it made the process very simple and easy. They ended up choosing the vinyl siding in the clapboard style option since it closely resembled their home’s old wood panel look. As for the siding color, we were able to color match their exterior with a dream color for a perfect match. Additionally, as an add on they wanted to get new white trim and capping around their home’s windows to give the exterior an extra new touch. 

Our Mastic Vinyl Siding Solution

After the consultation, our customers were most impressed by the solar defense technology feature that reflects UV rays to prevent fading and distortion. This feature would prevent the siding from turning old and ugly over time and not require any siding painting. This technology also reduces the amount of heat absorbed by the siding panels keeping the exterior cooler at bay and providing energy efficient benefits. At Aspen Home Improvements, we were able to provide exactly what they were looking for, a similar siding style and appeal, a perfect siding color match, and a much more durable siding solution. The best part is that our siding replacement offers a lifetime labor and materials warranty so if they ever experience any issues with their siding we can send someone over to fix the problem.

If you are looking for a reputable siding company with over 30 years of exterior craftsmanship, contact us today to get a free quote on your siding replacement project!

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