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Shingle Roof Replacement In Red Lion PA

Beautiful Roof and Siding Replacement in Red Lion PA

Project Details: 

Town: Red Lion, PA

Project: New shingle roof replacement

Roof Shingle ManufacturerAtlas Roofing Company

Summer Roof Replacement Project in Red Lion PA

Our client in Red Lion PA was in need of a new shingle roof. They were looking for a reputable roofing company to provide them with a quality roof installation and good warranty. The last roofing contractor they worked with didn’t do the best job which resulted in their roof having several leaks over the past few years. They eventually contacted Aspen Home Improvements to consult them about their roof issues.
Once they spoke to an aspen representative who tried to pinpoint the issues they were having with the current roof. Everything the homeowners encountered were clear signs of an old roof that needed replacement.Their roof was old, shingles were passively falling off and the have encountered progressive leaks. The homeowners explained that they were looking around for roofing quotes and that they were looking to replace the roof in the next 2-4 months. After learning that we offer 50 year shingles with a lifetime warranty they were impressed and decided to book a free roofing consultation. 

Throughout the roofing our representative made sure to address all of their current roofing concerns and provide them with valuable solutions that Aspen can offer them. During the presentation, they learned more about our premium 50 year Atas shingles. They were very impressed with the fact that our roofs offered a lifetime warranty which included 50 years on materials and labor. They had yet to meet any contractor who offered a lifetime warranty this great. Most roofing companies they talked to only offered a lifetime warranty with 20 year coverage on their materials and labor. This was a huge plus for them. 

We also went over the benefits of the Atlas shingles and even provided samples for the clients to get a visual look at the quality. We explained that our Atlas HP shingles come standard in 42 inch shingles which makes it a much more reinforced shingle application. These 42 inch long shingles help to make the roofing more weatherproof, windproof, durable, and create a 6 inch exposure giving the roof a more distinctive, elegant appearance. This assured the client that there would be no more leaks or flying shingles. In fact, during the roof installation we use a double FASTAC® adhesive sealant which firmly holds shingles firmly in place and offers windproof protection for winds up to 150mph. The homeowners were sold on the Atlas roof!

They decided that they wanted to choose Aspen Home Improvements to install their new roof but they were unsure if they should wait till fall for their installation. This is when our knowledgeable representative educated them on the benefits of getting their installed in the summer. Our representative recommended a summer roof installation due to a couple of reasons.

He stated that installing a new roof sooner could provide them with more energy savings since the installation would help provide energy savings for the rest of the summer, fall, and winter. It only takes a day for our team to install roofing so they could take advantage of the energy savings sooner. This would ensure their home stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter which are usually 2 most expensive utility seasons of the year. Additionally, the representative mentioned that allowing their current roof to leak and deteriorate could cause more damage to the home’s structure leading to more expenses for the homeowner. The money they would use to repair the roof could simply be put towards their new roof replacement. Not only that but the consistent leaking and moisture can lead to the growth of mold which poses a health threat.

They took all of those recommendations into consideration and decided to schedule summer installation. For their roof replacement customizations they selected the Atlas Pristine architectural shingles in the scotch Pristine Pewter colorway. Our team also installed extra flashing around their skylights to ensure there would be no more pesky leaks around them. Our professional team of roofing employee’s were able to get this giant project done in just one day. Not only are they taking advantage of all the perks associated with a summer roof installation but also a peace of mind knowing that their new project was now completed. Our clients were very pleased and even happier they could enjoy the rest of summer and the future seasons worry free!

If you’re interested in a new shingle or rubber roof replacement, contact Aspen Home Improvements! We are a trusted roofing replacement company that is licensed, bonded, and fully insured to install roofing in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia!


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