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Roofing Types and Trends in 2020

We know it’s already April, but not all of us can afford home improvement projects at the onset of the New Year – especially since it is right after the holiday season.

We gave you a list of New Year’s Resolutions for your home for 2020, but we found some new trends that are just for roofing! As you know, not all trends last – which, admittedly, is sometimes for the better. We know remodeling your home is a huge investment, so we didn’t want to give you a list of trends we didn’t believe would increase the value of your home.

These 3 roofing trends have been growing over the years and are more popular than ever in 2020!

  1. Go Gray

Gray embodies simplicity, elegance, and refinement. Across America, the top choice for roofing color in 2020 is gray!

Your home does not have to be brightly colored to be unique. Get the right kind of attention with a neutral color that will never go out of style. Trust us – you may have a much harder time trying to sell a bright-colored roof in the future.

  1. Metal Roofs

Nothing protects your home better than a metal roof styles! So, it’s not surprising to see that metal roofing is more in demand than ever before. It is predicted that metal roofing will continue to increase over the next few years.

Why metal? They last longer than other roofing materials and require less maintenance. Also, they are more environmentally friendly and offer lower energy costs than popular roofing of the past.

  1. Environmentally Conscious

As we see how our choices impact our environment, it’s no surprise that trends are still continuing to progress into the environmentally friendly realm (and we hope that trend is here to stay!).

Environmentally friendly roofs may be more expensive to install initially, but that doesn’t seem to affect homeowners! They know that these environmentally friendly roof styles will not only help to preserve the Earth but that they will also see reduced energy costs as well.

We hope that this list is helpful when you start researching roofing types of options for your 2020 home improvement project!


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