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Reasons to Replace Your Window this Summer

Here comes summer! It is in this season that home improvement projects pick up the pace. The sunshine and warm temperatures make summer the best time to complete all home improvements that would have been otherwise hampered by the cold winter. Of all home improvement projects, window replacements receive the most attention. Most homeowners prefer conducting window replacements because they are aware of the many benefits of upgrading their windows. The effect will be felt immediately and in the long term. Read on as we give you some good reasons to replace your window this summer.

  1. Take full advantage of the warm weather

No one, absolutely no one, wishes to work when the temperatures are below 5 degrees Celsius. Similarly, the rains in spring may not be the best condition to work. As such, window replacement is best done in summer when it’s warm and sunny.

Given that replacing your windows means exposing your house to the elements, this means that such a project is very difficult to pull off in winter. However, the low temperatures in winter do not affect comfort during construction only. Some types of caulking fail to adhere properly in cold weather. This shall compromise the sealing. There is also the problem with delays due to heavy snowfall. The best thing to do is to replace windows when it’s warm so that when winter comes, you’ll be cozy within your daft-free house.

  1. Lower utility bills

Hot summer temperatures mean your air conditioners have to work longer. This means your energy costs shall skyrocket. The experience is worse if you have single-paned windows. The need becomes increasingly evident when summer continues to heat up.

Modern replacement windows have argon-filled panes that minimize the rate of heat transfer through the glass. Consequently, your air conditioning units will not be tasked with running all day long to keep your house cool. Additionally, the coating filter out UV radiation, protecting the carpet, upholsteries, and draperies from fading.

  1. Silence the noises

In summer, everyone heads outside. Kids playing, lawn mowing, remodeling projects, barbecues, yard maintenance; the noise in the neighborhood will go up. In as much as birdsongs and children’s play may sound pleasant, noise from a concrete mixer or lawnmower will certainly bother your peace. The benefits of replacement windows will reduce noise levels quite remarkably.

Advancements in window technology have given us multi-pane windows and windows with laminated glass and extra insulation that reduce noise quite significantly.

  1. Improve longevity

Obviously, older windows are more vulnerable to cracking or breaking on impact as compared to newer options. Newer designs incorporate a layer of polyvinyl butyral sandwiched between laminated glass panes. This serves to shatter the glass harmlessly without fragmenting into deadly very tiny pieces that are riskier to your loved ones.

These impact-resistant windows available in the market provide extra security from burglary. A break-in is the last thing you would ever want while out on summer vacation. Together with secure bolt locks and strong, steel-reinforced window frames, you will rest easy in the knowledge that this smart home improvement keeps your home secure.

  1. A more beautiful view

Old windows are clouded by condensation, or are stained, scratched and so on. Replacing these windows will revive clarity and lighten your rooms as more light will be let in.

Those are the 5 reasons to have your window replaced in summer. You will enjoy the new vibe in your home for years to come. Moreover, you must be knowing that replacing your old windows with new ones boosts the value of your house. So, if you are interested in a resale, then a window replacement is an excellent option that will recoup as much as 77% of the initial cost.

If you are interested in an upgrade, don’t look any further than Aspen Home Improvements. For more than 25 years, we have offered quality service delivery to clients in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland. Our certified consultants will help you get the best estimates and guide you through the best choices for all your window replacement needs. We also offer roofing, siding and door installations, repairs, and replacements. Contact us today to join our community of satisfied customers.


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