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Preparing for Winter: How to Self Inspect Your Roof To Get Winter Ready

The winter months are fast approaching, which means it’s imperative to ensure that your roof is ready for the winter weather coming our way soon! Perform a few self-inspections to see whether your roof may or may not be ready to handle the change in seasons.

  1. Check for possible roof damages or excess debris

Do you have any shingles that are missing, cracked, or buckling? Damaging winds or heavy snowfall can lead to further damage and result in possible leaks in your home if not resolved. You will also want to take a look for any gaps, holes, or openings in the flashing on your roof.

Take a look at the flashing around the chimney, skylights, or other fixtures where the roof connects – it should be covered and protected! Finally, take a look at your gutters as well. Are they clean and free of debris? Are they cracked or damaged? Clogged gutters will lead to build-up and will prevent water from being channeled from the roof, which will cause leaks and potential water damage within your home.

  1. Observe the interior ceiling of your home for damage

Take a look around your home for any signs of damage that could have been caused by problems with your roofing. You will know whether there is water damage to your ceiling if the paint appears darker in some spots or the plaster is bubbled. Check around any ceiling fixtures such as fans or lights for any discoloration or bubbling.

Take note of the scent in your home: does it smell musty? This might be a sign of a moisture problem which can lead to mold damage if not handled immediately.

  1. Look at your energy bills for signs of roof damage

Damage to your roof could be the culprit of high energy bills. Take a look at your bills over the past year and take note of any significant changes from month to month. If there is an increase in how much energy you are using, there could be issues with your roof.

When your roof is poorly insulating your home, your heating and cooling system is forced to work harder to compensate. This will end up costing you a lot of money in the long run!

If you are unsure of the integrity of your roof install, and whether it can hold up this winter, Aspen home improvement is here to help. Aspen uses only the highest-quality roofing products and experienced contractors to ensure your roof not only looks exquisite but serves to ensure your home is protected and your roof is fully functioning. Contact Aspen Home Improvements today to learn more about roof repair in Manassas, York, Lancaster and several other areas throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland.



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