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New Construction Windows Vs. Replacement Windows

When installing windows, making an informed decision can be difficult as the number of decisions to make can be overwhelming. In this article, we give extensive details, comparing new construction windows vs replacement windows to help you make the right decision.

A number of factors influence the decision to install brand new windows or to replace the old ones. Usually, new construction windows are mostly used in new buildings, while replacement windows are often used in remodels. The quality of each option differs remarkably hence the difference in window performance, energy efficiency, and comfort at home.

Replacement windows

Also called retrofit windows, replacement windows are used to replace existing home windows, often used in the home renovation or window replacement projects. Most, if not all, replacement windows are crafted in different shapes and sizes and can be customized to fit the dimensions of your existing home windows.

With the replacement windows, you will enjoy not only high performance but also energy efficiency. New, cutting-edge features like double or triple panes of glass, argon gas fill, and spacers have greatly improved the efficacy of replacement windows.

When compared to the new construction window, replacement windows are much cheaper to install because a contractor can fit the replacement window in any traditional window opening without exposing the home frame. Replacement windows costs are generally lower than new construction window costs since you save on time and labor of window installation.

New construction windows

New construction windows, on the other hand, are mostly made for new buildings or additions. Whereas replacement windows can be installed on any standard window opening, new construction windows are installed directly on the framing using a nail fin frame. Finishing a home’s exterior is only done once new construction windows have been installed.

New construction windows may be used during renovations, provided the contractor first exposes the home’s frame by removing the exterior siding. As such, they are using new construction windows on houses built of stone or brick is very difficult since stripping the exterior isn’t as easy as removing the siding. If you want to change the style, removing the home siding may be a good idea but will cost you more cash, labor, and time for a rather simple remodeling.

Just like replacement windows, the cost of new construction windows varies by the size, shape, and materials used. Now that installation is done directly; you can install a window of any size or shape. Most homeowners wish to customize their windows, and as such, they can order custom-made new construction windows.

When should I use replacement windows?

Provided your windows are in good shape; replacement windows are the ideal option. Installing new-construction windows is a costly venture that requires the old frames to be removed from the existing opening by cutting back the original exterior siding material to remove the old frames. Installation is thus tricky and unnecessarily costly and time-consuming. The point is, you’re better off with a replacement window.

When should I use new construction windows?

On the other hand, if the window frames in your home are in bad shape, new construction windows are the best option. The existing window frames have to be removed and replaced. Replacement windows may be used but will give you a smaller view. This is because replacement windows fit inside the existing window frame, diminishing the view as a result of lesser glass.

New construction windows vs. replacement windows; which type is more cost-effective?

At first, the marked price of a new construction window may appear much less. However, considering the cost of replacing the existing window and reconstructing the damaged interior and exterior walls, installing new construction windows is expensive. Replacement windows are basically the least expensive option. It makes much sense, however, to use new construction windows in new construction or when your existing windows are in a deplorable state.

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