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Multipoint Security Locking System

Whether it is a residential or commercial building, occupants of a building are usually conscious of their security. As such, any residential or commercial project must be designed for safety and security. More often than not, designers and architects are put between a rock and a hard place when they have to choose between safety and aesthetics. Most designers favor open spaces in buildings, which compromise security. However, no one would want to exchange security for beauty or ease of use. Multipoint locking systems are the solution to this impasse.

Why Multipoint Locking Systems?

What are multi-point locks, and why is it considered a revolutionary addition to your assortment of security equipment? Traditional standard door locks have a single locking point; a multi-point system ideally has three or more locking points. Therefore, unlike a conventional standard door lock, a multi-point system distributes the forced entry load evenly along with the entire panel.

The lock bolts are made of steel with hard surfaces that are resistant to drilling. Breaking this type of lock is virtually impossible. Moreover, the locks have improved protection from intrusion. These multiple features are so well integrated that they do not compromise the performance of the lock in any way.

As you can expect, this sophisticated system of locks makes a multi-point system impregnable. Outsmarting this system takes a considerable amount of time; that is if an intruder can manage to do so, to begin with. Disarming each system one after the other is a practically impossible prospect.

Multipoint Security Locking System

Burglar-Proof Locking System

Once you have installed such a system in your home or office, you have no worries over security. A multi-point locking system brings additional protection and an enhanced awareness of safety to residents. Apart from the security it provides, you will also enjoy the system’s optimal conservation of energy. You can breathe easy in the knowledge that the safety of your assets, as well as your privacy, will never be compromised.

Usually, when using traditional lock systems, safely securing doors that exceed eight feet is somewhat tricky. If used, a multi-point security system allows you to secure even the tallest doors at multiple points, at the top, at the center, and at the bottom.

Multi-point locking systems are specially engineered as concealed single components to minimize the impact on the visual design of a door. Therefore, most of the design ideas are retained.

Key Features of The HMI Multi-point Locking System

  • Burglar-proof
  • Dual-stage lock
  • Twelve points of contact; 10 horizontal, two vertical
  • Fire-rated
  • Lifetime mechanical warranty
  • Security locking tab
  • Concealed, tamper-proof deadbolts
  • Anti-pick and anti-drill proof cylinder
  • Available in: smooth and textured steel; and textured fiberglass doors
  • Available in heights of up to 96 inches

Why You Should Consider Installing the HMI Multipoint Locking System

If you are looking to enhance the security of your doors and to alleviate all risks to your business or property, then you should consider installing a multipoint lock system. If you care for your privacy and safety of your family, you need a multipoint locking system. With its locking mechanism that incorporates locks, latches, other hardware, and electronic systems, the HMI multipoint security system offers thrice the level of security provided by traditional locks.

Secondly, the door is well supported by many bolts and latches. These relieve pressure on the hinges, unlike in systems with single bolt locks. Multipoint locks evenly distribute the load hence last longer than traditional locks, which are more susceptible to wear.

Installing a multipoint security system is a worthwhile investment that will secure not only your finances but also your property.  Insurance companies recognize the benefit of installing multipoint security systems and would give you improved premium options.

State of the art HMI Multipoint Locking System is the answer to your security questions.

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