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Lock In Your Home’s Heat

Everyone dreads the hike in energy bills once winter hits (and don’t even get us started on the cold drafts), but a few home improvement projects just may be the perfect solution!

We know what you’re thinking: “I’m trying to save money and home improvement projects cost money!” But when you invest in energy-efficiency now, you’ll see the savings add up down the road. Let’s take a look at a new of the things you can do:

Add Insulation To Your Home

The most obvious way to keep your house warm in the winter (and even cool in the summer) is with insulation. When your home was built, there was some type of insulation installed, but we can add additional insulation to certain areas throughout your home.

For example, our insulated siding helps your walls perform 25% better than they would with regular siding! See this graphic of other ideas for where to insulate in your home.

Install Energy-Efficient Windows

Many people think that if they have double-pane (double-glazed) windows, they have the most energy-efficient windows on the market, but this may not be true. Older double-paned windows are less efficient than todays! And today, we even offer triple-paned windows!

Not only has the glass itself been improved, but so have the frames. Today, window frames are much more energy-efficient with an insulated core to keep the heat in and the cold out! And all of our windows are Energy Star approved, which means and warmer home and possible energy-efficiency tax credits!

Keep Window Drafts Out

Even with the most energy-efficient windows and doors, drafts can still cause a problem if they’re installed incorrectly.

Not only should you be thinking about drafts coming from exterior doors and windows, but also doors leading to unheated rooms or hallways. Find and fix drafts in your home to keep your house warmer all winter long.

Upgrade Old Entry Doors

Just as windows have improved in recent years, doors have gotten an upgrade as well, and we don’t just mean aesthetically (although our styles are constantly changing).

The same type of insulating technology that has been added to window frames has been incorporated into our doors. Wood and composite entry doors are designed with energy-efficiency as a number 1 priority. No matter which style of door you’re looking for, there is one out there for you that will help keep that cold winter air out of your home!

Remember, even the most energy-efficient doors aren’t going to make a difference if they aren’t installed properly. Keep drafts out with expert door installation.

Make Your Sunroom Usable in the Winter

A sunroom can be such a great place to relax, but in the winter months these rooms can become unbearably cold — let’s fix that. Energy efficient glass can make a world of difference in any sunroom!

Don’t let the room go to waste for half of the year, let Aspen Home Improvements help get your sunroom in usable condition all year long.

If you’re thinking about replacing any windows in your home, now is the best time! Not only will your windows be in place before winter hits, but you’ll also save money with our fall sale!

Right now when you buy 4 windows you’ll get 1 window freeContact Aspen today to find out more about our fall sale, and see what we can do to keep your home warm this winter!



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