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Is DIY Roofing a Good Idea? Pros & Cons

Is DIY roofing a good idea? Many people are open to the Do-It-Yourself approach when conducting home improvement projects. DIY is an exciting prospect to many homeowners who wish to save time and money. However, DIY being a good idea may not necessarily mean that it is a great reality. The intention is good, but the idea is bad. As such, in this article, we investigate the idea of DIY roofing. We will explore the pros and cons so as to help you make a sound decision.

DIY Roofing and cost-cutting

Pro: Saving Money

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of DIY home improvements is cost-cutting. DIY roofing will save you some money, especially if you are a trained roofer. However, saving some cash will come at what cost?

Con: Lack of expertise

By fact, majority of people have no training on roofing. They have no good grasp of accepted roofing practices. Consequently, they will still succumb to multiple repairs, and even worse, replacements. In the long run, a DIY roofing project may end up being more expensive than you might have expected.

Consider the materials and designs of roofs. Are you sure that the roofing material you are using is of the right type? Is your DIY roofing consistent with the roof’s configuration? In a nutshell, your roofing project is best run by a professional roofer who is well acquainted with such projects.

Completing the work on time

Pro: Convenient 

Some homeowners may be under the impression that it may take a few days. They may have seen roof replacements done in their neighborhood and assume it will take an extra few days, especially if a few friends and family pitch in to help. Some homeowners think that given the urgency, professional roofers may not be prompt, or will be bogged down by a long waiting list. Most often than not, a reputable roofing company should be able to respond in time to guarantee that the work shall be completed within your preferred timeframe.

Con: Realizing  it’s not simple

Stacking shelves is one thing, roofing is a different thing altogether. It’s not as simple as you may think, neither will it work well as you may expect. DIY roofing is such a demanding undertaking especially if you have to juggle between work and working on your roof. The work will take much longer than you may have expected, especially if you are doing it without help from anyone else.


Pro: None

Con: Serious Injury 

If there’s anything scary about DIY roofing, it is the safety concerns.

Picture the height within which you will be working. Suppose you slip off the roof, the fall will be most likely fatal, or you may sustain life-changing injuries. The danger does not lie only on the risk of falling, there is also the risk of tiles falling off. Falling tiles could hit passers by, causing serious injuries. The last thing you want is a lawsuit in the middle of your roofing project.

Professional roofers are aware of the best materials and designs of roofs ideal for your area. You may slip up on the right kind of materials. That would simply be disastrous. The wrong choices of materials, or an alteration to the roof’s configuration could leave your roof exposed to extensive damage.

You may also overrate yourself as a ‘roofer’ yet the quality of your work is largely underwhelming. You may think you have done a good job patching up your roof, but in reality nothing good has been done. Here is the reality; roofing is a delicate task that needs rigorous training in order to achieve quality standards. If not met, you will end up paying for your amateur adventures in the long run.

Why a professional roofer should do the job.

Professional roofers have detailed knowledge on how roofs work. The complexity of a roofing project can only be matched by the sophisticated skills of a roofer. If not, the roof will fail. Roofers are best placed to repair your roof because that is their niche. It is what they have been certified and trained for.

Having specialized in roofing, a professional will know the right kind of tools and materials to use. Most importantly, reputable roofing contractors have safety equipment so that your project goes on smoothly without any incident. That is why professional roofers deliver quality work.

Professional roofers will also give you helpful tips on how to extend the lifespan of your roof. Some give free quotations, and will advice you on the best designs and materials fresh of charge. They can also break down warranty details to help you choose which one serves you best.

It is very important to point out the importance of hiring a local roofer. A local roofer knows the climate of the area inside out, and will know what to do in response. Local roofers will also work within local building codes, with which they are very familiar. A local roofer also cares about building a lasting relationship with you, and thus will strive to do a good work for you.

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