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Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Roof Material

A roof is meant to last for a lifetime. Therefore, I bet every homeowner wants to get the best roofing material for their home or commercial building. Besides primary features such as style, functionality, and high performance, there are equally important features that are often ignored or forgotten altogether. In this article titled “Things to consider when choosing a roofing material”, we intend to address all key factors to consider before selecting a roofing material.

Selecting the correct roofing material is central to roofing success. In as much as there is no shortage of options in the market, there’re some which do not deliver good results. This does not necessarily mean that they are of bad quality, some are not consistent with your unique roofing needs. Therefore, pay attention to the following factors.

Factors to consider before choosing a roofing material

1. Home Style

A professional roofing contractor will advise you to pay close attention to preserving the architectural authenticity of a building. This is important to enhance your home’s curb appeal. You may not need to get a historically accurate material; just get a suitable alternative if possible.

Consider this for instance. Asphalt shingle roofs are compatible with most home styles. However, historical homes may need a particular kind of roofing, such as vintage tile roofs. Other buildings may need metal roofs. All these depend on the style of your building.

2. Weight of the material

In any construction of a building, considering the weight of the roof is very important. This is because the weight of a roof is a key component in preserving the structural integrity of a building. Choosing a heavier roofing material could lead to a modification in the structure of your building, affecting the cost and timeline of the construction project.

As such, getting a light yet effective roof material like aluminum is paramount.

3. Cost of materials

Your budget is a very important thing to consider when choosing a roofing material. Just as there is no shortage of roofing materials, there is a similarly wide range of prices for each material. This considerable variation in price range should help you select one that is within the confines of your budget. Choosing a material whose price you cannot sustain could potentially inflate your expenses.

Moreover, when considering cost, think in the long term. The lifespan of a roof is an important thing to consider before choosing a roofing material.

4. Energy efficiency

A roof’s thermal properties should be considered when choosing a roofing material. We advise that you get a roof that reflects solar heat instead of absorbing heat and transferring it below.

Energy-efficiency is an important factor because of cost-effectiveness. An energy-efficient roofing system will cost you more than traditional roofing materials but will save you a lot from high utility bills.

In addition, energy-efficient roofs are environment-friendly given that they promote recycling and are made without dangerous toxins.

5. Prevailing climate and the environment

The prevailing climate in your area is a crucial factor to consider when choosing a roofing material. Suppose you live in an area prone to high humidity and temperature, you should know that the risk of mold, mildew, moss, and algae forming on your roof is escalated. These can affect the performance of your roof. Hot and humid climates require you to choose a roofing material with special insulation features to handle the heat.

Also, look at the place you are living in. Are there tree branches hanging over your roof?

In a nutshell, it is vital to choose a roof that can withstand the environmental conditions of where you reside.

6. Local and state authority codes and requirements

Some states put restrictions on the type of roofing material you should use. For example, due to the potential risk of tornadoes, forest fires, or hurricanes, some types of roofing may be prohibited. Certain materials, such as asbestos, have been banned universally due to their toxic nature.

Similarly, the municipality or community in which you live may dictate the type of roofing you use. This could be done so as to have roofing materials whose grades are consistent with the standards set for your neighborhood.

7. Curb Appeal

The beauty of your roof is a very significant factor to consider. Roofing materials come in a wide range of styles, textures, and colors. So, you’re sure to find one which vibes with the theme of your home’s design or that of the entire community.

8. Application

The choice of roofing material also depends on whether you are doing a new installation or a roof replacement. The difference it makes is very big. Installing a new roof shouldn’t give you much of a headache since you are not restricted to a particular kind of material. A roof replacement, on the other hand, will require you to find a material consistent with the roof’s existing structure.

As you must have observed, there are many things to consider when choosing a roofing material for your home or commercial building. Aspen Home Improvements can help you sort through the many roofing options and help you make the right decision based on your tastes and preferences. We have over 25-years-experience in home improvement solutions, including roof installation, repair, and replacement. If you are in  DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Marylandcontact us today.




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