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How To Replace Damaged Windows and Install New Windows

How do you decide whether to repair or replace your old windows? Learn your options, relative cost, the effectiveness of repairs, and how to judge whether a window should be saved or thrown away in this week’s blog.

We have some frequently asked questions (FAQs) we get a lot from our homeowners, so we compiled them all in one blog for you! We hope these window questions help you in your decision-making.

Are new windows installed from the inside or outside the home?

Whether your replacement windows are installed from the inside or outside of your home varies from project to project. Your local Aspen window contractor can evaluate your home and let you know what will work best for your installation!

Do you install windows year-round?

Yes! Spring, summer, winter, fall—we work for you during them all.

Will my home be hot/cold during window installation?

We know how cold it can get throughout Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania during the winter months, which makes many homeowners assume that you cannot install Windows or doors during this time, but that’s not the case! Installing one window at a time, our team of experienced contractors works quickly to get your old windows out and new ones in without compromising much of the heat inside your home during the colder months. Typically, each home window replacement project can be completed in less than 1-2 days depending on the renovation requirements.

Do I need to prepare my home for replacement window installation?

Prepping your home for any installation project is always a smart idea. It will help both our contractors AND you by helping the project move along more quickly, and it can actually help save you money. By moving furniture away from the window and removing fixtures on your windows and surrounding wall areas, you can avoid a $10 fee per window. Learn how to properly prepare your home for an installation project here.

What happens with my old windows when I replace them?

You can choose to save your old windows if you’d like (some people will use them for DIY projects) or Aspen Home Improvements can haul away your old windows for free.

Do I have to replace my windows with the same style/size window?

Definitely not! You can replace your windows with whatever your heart desires. We can help you choose a new window style that will fit the look of your home, let in more light, and escalate your home’s curb appeal!

Should I replace all my windows at once?

While it’s not necessary to replace all your windows at once, we do recommend it for 2 reasons:

By replacing all of your home’s windows at once, you’ll see maximum energy savings.

Even if you’re replacing your windows with a very similar window, they likely will not match the rest of the windows in your home, so why wait?

If you’d prefer not to replace all of your windows at the same time, we advise either replacing all of the windows on one side of the home at a time or one level at a time of a multi-level home.

What is a window U-Value U-Factor? What should I be looking for?

The U-Value of the window refers to the rate of heat transfer; the lower the U-Value, the better! In order for a window to be eligible for energy-efficiency tax credits, the U-Value must be .30 or less. Here at Aspen Home Improvements, our company standard is a .24 U-Value, so you can feel confident that you’re getting an energy-efficient window! Learn how to read window ratings.

What type of warranty does Aspen Home Improvements offer on windows?

All window installation projects in Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania are covered by Aspen’s Lifetime Warranty.

How much will it cost to replace my windows?

Each project is different, the cost will depend on the windows you choose to install as well as the number of windows you wish to replace in your home.

If you feel like it’s time to repair or replace your home’s windows in Lebanon, Annapolis, Carroll County or various other areas throughout Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and Virginia, fill out our contact form to request a free quote! We look forward to hearing from you!


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