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How to Put a Window Back on Its Track

It’s important to not overlook your window maintenance while cleaning your home, window manufacturers suggest that you deep clean your windows a minimum of 2-3 times a year. This will not only help maintain both the health and longevity of your windows but also ensure that your home stays clean all year round. A major benefit of owning modern double-hung windows are the routered-in tilt latches which allow for the ability to remove them from their frame for cleaning, eliminating the need to climb a ladder. This easy tilt sash feature provides simplicity and makes it easier to in angle the window for cleaning, however, when the window sash popups out of the window frame it can be very confusing to re-attach the window sash back into its frame. Read the rest of this article to learn how to safely remove and reattach your windows from their frames for cleaning.

Removing the Window

Step 1 Locate and unlock tilt latches

Run your hand over the top portion of your window to locate the left and right tilt latches, along with your sash lock. Start by pulling both the left and right tilt latches in towards the sash lock. Next, turn the sash lock to the unlocked position.

Step 2 Slide window up past interior sill

Now that your window is unlocked you can slide it up 2-4 inches past the interior sill. This will allow you to pull the entire window toward your body, make sure to support the window as you lower it down to a 90-degree angle. Dropping the window during this step could result in a damaged window

Step 3 Dislodge window from frame

Next, take hold of your window towards the base of the frame on the left and right side. While continuing to hold the window with both hands, lift it upwards with your right hand. As you do this, the window will become dislodged from the frame allowing you to pull the window towards your body and out of the frame. 

Step 4 Remove window

Now that your window is removed from the frame find a safe place to set it for cleaning, preferably on a soft surface to ensure that no cracking or scratching takes place. 


Re-attaching the Window


Step 1 Locate the balance blocks

Now that you have cleaned your windows you are ready to put them back in their frames. Start by locating the left and right balance blocks. The balance blocks will be at the same location that your window was pivoting from when you initially removed them. The balance blocks are made of plastic but have a metal square hole in the middle of them.

Step 2 Locate the pivot bars

Now that you have located the balance blocks, locate the left and right pivot bars. To find the pivot bars look at the bottom of your window for two metal pieces jutting out on either side. 

Step 3 Align pivot bars and balance lack

To begin the re-attaching process hold your window at its base, close to the two pivot bars. You will notice that the pivot bars are the same shape as the square holes in the balance blocks. Turn your window at a 45-degree angle and line up the pivot bars with balance blocks. Start by lowering the left pivot bar into the left balance block, and then lower the right pivot bar down into the right balance block. 

Step 4 Latching and attaching the window

With a flashlight inspect that both pivot bars are snuggly inside of both balance blocks and not underneath them. Once you have confirmed this, take hold of your window at its top where the tilt latches are located, and push the window away from your body towards the frame. You should hear a latching noise from the tilt latches if the window has been re-attached correctly. 

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