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How to Prepare your Roof for Fall

Schools are about to open. The temperature is getting warmer. Summer is just about to begin, and before that, fall is nigh. Within no time, the colors of the leaves will start changing and will start falling off branches to our roofs. Given that we can tell when fall begins, we can anticipate the trouble it brings to our roofs and prepare for them in advance. It is important to prepare your roof to fall without any issues arising. In this article, we guide you through reliable tips on how to prepare your roof for fall.


  1. Cleaning debris off roof

In as much as most of the leaves and other organic debris on your roof will eventually end up in your gutters, it is imperative to get rid of the debris already on your roof before more pile on top this coming fall. Debris, however small, retain moisture, leading to mold and mildew growth, which are a great danger to the health and longevity of your roof. Damage to your shingles and the underlying surface can turn into greater complications like roof leaks. As such, make it a priority to climb up your roof, or get a professional roofer to do so, to remove any of the remaining debris from the past summer.

Cleaning Gutters clogged with leaves and debris

  1. Clean the gutters

Smart homeowners know how important gutters are to the health of a roof and a home in general. Gutters are vital components of a roof that will help direct water off your roof and drain it away from the foundation of the house. When gutters are blocked with leaves and other debris, water may start accumulating on your roof. Such pools of water shall then seep under your shingles, or even worse, leak into your attic and home interior. A leaking roof is every homeowner’s nightmare and is a serious problem that has to be dealt with in order to prevent or reverse extensive damage.

Just before the leaves start falling onto your roof in torrents to cause a massive blockage on your gutter, why don’t you get a ladder and clean out your gutters completely? If you can’t do it yourself, call in a professional to help. This will help a great deal in keeping your gutters flowing seamlessly to avoid unwarranted issues when it starts to rain.

How to Self Inspect Your Roof To Get Winter Ready

  1. Get an inspection

Owing to the high heat of the summer, it is unsurprising to observe roof shingles swell, crack, or shift a little. This is a direct consequence of heat absorbed by the shingles. Trouble begins when the temperature cools down a bit. The expanded shingles contract, leaving extensive damage that needs to be addressed. Therefore, getting a professional roof inspection should be paramount for you to point out where damage is extensive. A professional roof inspector should then be able to give you a precise picture of the damage and what to do about it.

While conducting a visual inspection of the roof by yourself, check for missing, cracked, or damaged shingles. Pay close attention to areas on the roof such as chimneys, vents, and skylights. It is equally important to check whether the sealant is compromised and have it replaced. You can also do your best to try to find leaks on the roof.

  1. Inspect attic insulation and ventilation

Without sufficient air circulation within the attic, you are staring at rather high utility bills and possible roof leakage in a snowstorm. During the day in the scorching sun, the air within the attic gets heated up. Suppose there are no vents located at the soffits and ridges, the hot air condenses. The moisture can then trigger a chain of catastrophic damages, beginning with rotting and the formation of mold and mildew.

To assess the ventilation and insulation of your attic, you can hire a professional weatherization contractor to audit the attic. After an inspection, the weatherization contractor shall be able to make recommendations.

In summer, there is a tendency to neglect roof maintenance. Most homeowners are preoccupied with their vacations. Also, with schools beginning, the schedule gets tighter, and cleaning your roof becomes a low priority. However, make no mistake, for fall is a great time to look at your roof. Follow some of our steps on how to prepare your roof for fall to save you money and headaches.

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