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How to Prepare for The Start of Your Remodel

Home remodeling can be an overwhelming task for any property owner. Most renovation projects involve intricate details that may become daunting. It takes a lot of patience, attention to detail, and foresight to get through the entire process without crumbling under the pressure. At Aspen Home Improvements, we understand how painstaking it is to plan and execute your remodeling project. If you are in MarylandDelawareWest Virginia, and Pennsylvania states, and are looking for an expert home improvement contractor, contact us today. We handle your home improvement projects with the highest levels of professionalism and courtesy, ensuring a smooth process. Use the steps outlined in this post to prepare for the start of your remodel.

These steps will help you organize, prioritize, and perform renovations seamlessly while staying within your budget and timeline.

How to Prepare for Your Remodel

  1. Research your Home Improvement Options

If you are planning to renovate your home, there are tons of options you can choose from. While the more popular renovations include landscaping, kitchen upgrades, bathroom updates, or installing a new deck, home improvement projects vary by preference. You should take your time to understand what improvement projects add the most value to your home. When planning remodeling projects, you should always research your project costs, materials, the best contractors to work with, and the estimated project durations. By carrying out due diligence, you will have a preliminary budget, and you can find ways to save money during project execution. You can seek a professional opinion or consult with homeowners in your area to get an understanding of all the processes involved in your remodeling project.

  1. Create a Remodeling Plan

Once you have researched and settled on a remodeling project, you should develop a plan that outlines the objectives of your renovation. In your plan, you should include the inspiration for your designs and the outline/scope of works to be performed. In your project plan, you should include sketches of the finished project, project goals, and the steps involved in project completion. When coming up with a remodeling plan, pay attention to zoning rules and regulations. Some home improvement projects are not permitted in certain zones, so take note of that. You should also investigate whether you will need permits for your remodeling project. Planning should happen around half a year before you start the actual remodel.

  1. Develop a Budget

For your remodel to be successful, you need a comprehensive budget. When coming up with your remodeling budget, include costs of components, materials, labor, and an extra 10%-20% cushion for unforeseen costs. Your budget should be informed by how much you plan to spend and the research you carried out before the remodel. You could also request cost estimates from contractors within your area for accurate cost estimates. If your budget does not meet cost estimates, you could go back to your renovation plan to eliminate the low priority remodeling projects. With a thorough budget, you can communicate your home improvement goals to contractors easily, and it will help you select the best fit for your project.

  1. Hire a Contractor

Having done your research, created a plan, and set a budget, you will now need to select your team. When selecting a contractor, you should consider: years of experience, licenses & permits, a valid certificate of insurance, payment schedule, and references. Before selecting your preferred contractor, be sure to interview at least 3 prospective teams. You should look at their renovation portfolio and speak to their previous clients to get a glimpse of their work.

  1. Take Stock and Protect Your Belongings

When performing renovations, you should have a list of your home items. With a list of items, it is easier to tidy up space in readiness for the renovation. Clear out those things that you won’t need after the renovation, and find proper storage for those that you will keep. Spare guest rooms and basements offer some of the best storage options. It is advisable to reduce what you have by consuming it. This way, you won’t need a lot of packing space to come renovation time. During the renovation, contractors and subcontractors will be constantly moving in and out of your home. You should invest in a security system that monitors all activities while you are away. An in-home safe can help you protect your electronics and sensitive documents during the renovation. Cover your unmovable furniture to protect them from dust and debris during the renovation.

  1. Consider Minor Inconveniences that will Happen During Remodeling

Even with the most comprehensive remodeling plan, some things won’t just fall into place. Set aside a portion of your budget for unforeseen costs, and adjust your timeline to accommodate delays. This way, you lower your stress and anxiety during the renovation, which will help you make logical decisions when it comes to budgeting and project management.

While a home remodeling project can be overwhelming, finding the right Home Improvement partner can help alleviate the stress associated with such projects. If you are in MarylandDelawareWest Virginia, and Pennsylvania states talk to Aspen Home Improvements for your next remodeling project. Our experts are ready to guide you through the entire project, from planning to execution. Call us today for more information on doors, windows, sidings, and other home improvement projects guaranteed to raise your property’s value.



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