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How Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

The world is shifting green. Energy savings and energy efficiency are becoming pillars of home improvements. Consequently, home improvements have become a little complicated. Many homeowners wonder what difference energy-efficient windows make. Their hesitance is further bolstered by the higher cost of energy-efficient windows. So as to answer how do energy-efficient windows work, we have chosen to break down features of energy-efficient windows.

  1. Glass Coating

One common method of improving energy efficiency in windows is by using glass coatings. There are so many glazing options such as tints, gas fills, and reflective coatings. They all serve to keep the house cool.

Low-emissivity glass coatings reflect away the sun’s heat, keeping your indoor temperatures fairly stable. No need to worry about visibility since these coatings are all transparent, allowing natural light into your room.

  1. Spacer Systems

Here, instead of metals as window insulation, polymer structural foam is used to keep your window energy-efficient and free from condensation.

Most traditional windows feature metal insulation. Metals are good conductors of heat, hence will be unsuccessful in retaining heat within your home. Polymer structural foam is a better alternative since they are better insulators and greatly diminish the rate at which heat is lost.

Other window models feature argon and krypton, inert gases that reduce the rate of heat loss. They also serve to reduce window condensation.

  1. Use of multiple low-emissivity glass window panes

The use of double-paned or triple-paned glass is intended to block UV rays. Triple-paned windows block up to 97% of UV rays. They keep you comfortable all year round and prevent fabric and floors from fading.

Most window panes are made of standard glass. Energy-efficient windows, on the other hand, are fitted with panes with low-emissivity glass to help block rays from the sun. While others are singled paned, others are double-paned or triple-paned. Each layer serves to block UV radiation. When compared to traditional glass, double-paned and triple-paned windows block as much as 97% of sun rays.

Which windows are the most energy-efficient?

Energy efficiency is determined through different metrics. The two metrics are emissivity and u-factor. The u-factor indicates the rate of heat loss while the e-factor indicates the extent to which the window absorbs or reflects heat.

The most energy-efficient windows are those that have low-E values and low u-factors. They are quite reliable in keeping the internal temperatures of your house stable.

In recent times, ultra-high-efficiency windows have become common in the market. Touted to have twice the capabilities of insulated double-paned windows, these are the windows of the future. They can achieve U factors as low as 0.15.

Benefits of energy efficiency

When warm or cold air escapes to the outside, your air conditioning system has to run longer in order to keep your home comfortable. As a result, the cost of heating or cooling your home goes up. However, when using energy-efficient windows, you will be happy with the reduced utility bills.

Windows are likened to a thermal hole in case they are not fitted with thermally efficient glass, coatings, and spacers. In fact, reasonable estimates suggest that 33% of the money spent on air conditioning literally goes out through your window. However, thanks to the new energy-saving technologies, all you need to do is to replace the whole window. You will certainly save more money and have an energy-efficient home.

At Aspen Home Improvements, we not only give you the most energy-efficient options, but we also reduce our carbon footprints by using eco-friendly materials. We are ready and more than happy to introduce energy-efficient windows to residents of DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland. Whether you are interested in energy-efficient windows or roofing solutions as well as door and siding installation, we got you covered. Having worked for over 25 years, we have gathered a wealth of experience in this field. Contact us today to join a network of happy customers satisfied with our excellent workmanship and service delivery.


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