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Home Renovation Tips from the Pros

Provided you are a homeowner, you will have to either renovate or remodel. Eventually, a thing or two will need an upgrade or a replacement. This is especially important to those planning to sell their houses, as simple renovations add great value to the selling price of your home. Given the importance of renovation projects, most renovations should be conducted by certified professionals. You can do most of the planning, though the more technical parts of the project should be left to a professional renovation professional. Here are some home renovation tips from the pros to help you through your home improvement project.

The 6 Surefire Home Renovation Tips from the Pros

  1. Why do you want a home renovation

To begin with, you must have a concrete reason for conducting a home renovation. Is the house old and requires major improvements and replacements? How extensive could the renovation project be? Are you conducting the home renovation because your family needs are changing? What budget are you on?

Also, ask yourself what you wish to accomplish with your renovation project, and see whether it has a long-term effect.

  1. Consider the time which the renovation project shall take

Your contractor is best placed to guide you on the time your renovation project is likely to take. Getting a good idea of the time your project will take is important for planning. For instance, if some section of the renovation will make parts of your home inaccessible for some time, you can make arrangements to move your items into another place, or even choose to spend some time away.

However, be flexible enough to allow small delays that are bound to happen in one way or another.

  1. Organize your home, keeping away all valuables

It is imperative to organize your home before a renovation project. You have to do away with unwanted items, relocate your furniture out of the renovated area, and store nonessential items elsewhere for short-term storage. You can have such items either in your basement or closet.

Home renovation projects are likely to involve every room in your home. As such, you have to pack away your most valuable and fragile items before the projects begin. Items like pictures, vases, and paintings have to be moved. If you have highly valuable items, you can keep them in a secure deposit box away from the site.

Beware of paint getting to your hardwood floor. As such, you should ensure the contractor drapes your furniture, tiles, or hardwood floor with paper or plastic to keep splashes of paint at bay.

  1. Keep your finances in mind

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of developing a budget for a home renovation project and sticking to it. To begin with, your budget must be realistic and achievable. Budget for what you can afford. Renovation contractors rely on customer budgets given beforehand to design the project. This way, you shall guard against over-spending. However, unexpected costs may arise. Unforeseen problems and changes to the original plan are expected. Consequently, you are advised to have an anticipatory contingency fund of around 10% of the value of the project for you not to be caught completely unawares.

  1. Be prudent when shopping for materials

It unnecessary to spend too much on materials, and if you have to spend a lot, ensure you get value for your money. Ask around your local hardware stores for current deals and different quotations. You may be fortunate to find some generous discounts for some materials. Your designer should be able to give good ideas on the right kind of materials that are also cost-effective.

  1. Get the right contractor

A comprehensive home renovation project needs a lot of planning, intensive labor, and financing. Therefore, it is important to work with one company that can take care of all your home improvement needs. Having multiple contractors may be expensive and inconveniencing especially when they do not communicate with each other.

Communication between you and the contractor is key. Get along with them. Once you are on the same page, stick to the plan, and get the work done.

While looking for a reliable contractor, get referrals from friends or tradespersons you can trust. Afterward, give each one of them your project description and individual product lists and ask for an itemized bid. We advise you to check customer reviews of the contractors and demand to see examples of recent work.

Having gotten the right contractor, get everything on paper. In the contract between you and the home improvement contractor, ensure the payment schedule, a start date, a completion date, and possibly, a cashflow projection.

A home renovation project is an exciting prospect. However, improper planning can ruin the entire project. That is why we wish you would keep these simple tips in mind so as to run a smooth project.

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