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Home Improvement: Preparing Your Home for Colder Weather

Fall is creeping up on us; the official start is September 23rd, which means cold winter weather is sure to follow! It’s time for home improvement in preparation for the winter season and to get our homes in shape to help us bare the colder temperatures.

If you are looking for home improvement near me service, let us help you figure out what needs to be done with this quick checklist for home improvements:

  • Keep your feet warm with cork or carpeting

    No one likes waking up and walking on a cold hard floor in the winter. Try swapping out tile floors for cork. A sustainable and green flooring option, cork can help keep the floors warm and still look beautiful. Another option is carpeting, which can turn any room into a cozy space.

  • Check your exterior for peeling paint

    Peeling or blistering paint is an indication that your home’s current paint is no longer protecting the siding. To prevent deterioration, repaint your home’s exterior before winter arrives. If you need any repairs, we can help fix your home’s existing siding, and if your siding is at “the point of no return,” you might want to think about replacing it before snowfall arrives. Find out more about the siding we offer and our siding repair and replacement services around Central, PA.

  • Service your heating system

    It’s probably been a while since you’ve used your heater, so it’s a good idea to have it looked at before the winter arrives. You don’t want to be stuck in the cold waiting for a repairman to arrive, prevent this by preparing and getting it serviced ahead of time!

  • Caulk your window

    For under $5 you can help keep the heat from escaping your home on those cold winter nights. Along with keeping you warm, caulking can help keep water from getting into openings around the window frame, freezing, and causing cracking to occur. If you’d like even more energy efficiency from your windows, check out Aspen Home Improvement’s selection of Okna Windows.

  • Inspect your roof 

    Loose or missing shingles can cause a big problem with the changing temperatures and snowfall. Your roof is meant to protect your home, make sure it can do its job by maintaining it before winter comes. If you need help with your shingles, our Lancaster roofers are here. From roof repair to roof replacements, contact us for a free roofing estimate.

Make sure you’re ready before winter hits; it’s coming up fast. And remember to get outside and enjoy the warm weather while you can!

Learn more today about window replacement in PennsylvaniaVirginia, and Maryland. Schedule a free consultation with a home improvement specialist at Aspen Home Improvements and we’ll discuss what you’re looking for and how we can help you improve your home!



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