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Gutters; Types, Styles and When to Repair or Replace Them

Gutters serve a vital role, diverting water from your home. When it rains heavily, there is a risk of damage to your home’s siding, windows, doors, and even the foundation. If you don’t have gutters, you’ll end up having a number of catastrophic and ridiculously expensive damages. However, before installing a gutter system, a smart homeowner must be informed. That’s why we have written this comprehensive article on gutters; types, styles, and when to repair or replace them.

Styles of Gutters

  1. Half-round gutters

Just as their name suggests, half-round gutters appear like tubes cut in half. Their capacity to carry water is highly effective. They are quite common as they are more traditional types of rain gutters.

However, now that they are open with their trough-like shape, they are prone to leaf and debris clogs. Consequently, leaf guards have to be installed. Also, given that they are curved, half-round gutters don’t sit against fascia boards, hence have to be secured using brackets.

  1. K-style rain gutters

This type of gutters is equally common. They resemble the letter K when viewed from laterally. One major difference between a K-style gutter and a half-round gutter is that the flat back of the former can be nailed onto the fascia board with no need for brackets. The front side, on the other hand, can be creatively crafted to give a fine finish that is hugely appealing.

With the flat bottom and the sides angling towards the outside, K-style gutters have a higher capacity to carry water than half-round gutters. As such, they are best suited for areas with a rainy climate. The only disadvantage of K-style gutters is that they are relatively more difficult to clean than half-round gutters. This is because the inner angles accumulate decaying debris.

  1. Customized Fascia Gutters

The selling point of custom-built gutters is the absence of seams that are susceptible to rusts and leaks. The fascia and the entire gutter are customized for the house. Often made of aluminum, fascia gutters are quite costly and have to be installed by a roofing expert. This shouldn’t be surprising since this type of gutters is not only stylish but is also devoid of multiple defects the other styles have.

Types of Gutters

  • Aluminum rain gutters

They are the most common type of rain gutters that comes in two forms; either seamed or seamless. The thicker the aluminum gutter, the better, especially if you are a resident of an area prone to heavy snowfall.

  • Vinyl gutters

Among all types of rain gutters, vinyl gutters are the cheapest option. They are quite easy to install, given that they are lightweight. However, vinyl gutters have their downsides. They are less durable, and when exposed for long in intense sunlight, they fade.

  • Zinc gutters

Zinc gutters can serve you for over half a century. They are incredibly durable and are resistant to corrosion and warping. Given that they have to be welded, installing a zinc gutter must be done by a professional roofer. It is, therefore, not surprising for you to learn that zinc gutters are the most expensive type of gutters.

When should I repair or replace my gutters?

Choosing between repairing or replacing your gutters is a dilemma most homeowners confront most of the time. We will help you make a decision using the guideline below.

You probably need to replace your gutter if you observe the following:

  • Suppose you notice your gutter has multiple holes, cracks or rust; you should consider replacing the whole gutter. At this point, your gutter is beyond salvation.
  • In case your gutter hangers do not stay in place on the gutter board, you may have to replace the entire gutter and fascia board.
  • If you have a segmented gutter system, yet the sections keep on separating in spite of your constant efforts to repair them, maybe its time to replace them.
  • If a tree branch falls onto your gutter, you may need to replace your gutter

On the other hand, you can repair your gutter systems under the following circumstances:

  • If your gutters are incorrectly pitched, you can arrange to have a quick fix. An expert roofer will, more often than not, correct the problem. If it persists, the best option is a replacement.
  • When a leak is confined to a particular section of your gutter, go for a simple repair, rather than a costly replacement.
  • When you observe some of your hangers to be loose, you can try tightening them, or better still, using new screws.
  • In case you have a few isolated holes and leaks, you can choose to use a sealant

We hope you have found this article to be insightful and helpful in your quest to find and maintain the best gutter system.

By now, we hope you probably already know when to have your gutter fixed or replaced altogether. All the same, installing gutters is best done by a professional with a wide experience in roofing solutions. If you are in DelawarePennsylvaniaWest Virginia, and Maryland, contact Aspen Home Improvements for all your renovation needs. Contact us today to get excellent gutter installation and repair services.


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