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DIY Energy-saving Tips

An average American household spend $2000 annually on energy bills. However most of that money is wasted through leaky windows and inefficient cooling systems. In this guide, we shall give you detailed tips on simple home energy efficiency improvements that will save you energy and money. Here are some of the best DIY energy saving tips.

Weather strip your windows

Weather stripping is used in areas within your home which have movable joints. Such places include doors and windows. Weather stripping serves to seal air leaks through movable joints. In order to find out the right amount of weather stripping you need, add the perimeters all windows and doors that need to be weatherstripped. You can then add 15% to compensate for any waste.

It is important to point out that the type of stripping you choose to use must be of an approved type. The weather stripping must be able to withstand friction and extreme temperatures.

Note that the space between the window sash and the frame opening is a major source of thermal leakage and needs to be sealed promptly. It is a little difficult to spot because the place is hidden by window trim or wall finish. If you want to have a good impact on your home’s energy efficiency performance, find ways of reaching this opening and seal it using non-expanding form. It is important to use non-expanding form because expanding form will compromise how the window operates.

Install exterior storm windows with Low-E coating

Storm windows are an effective way of upgrading less-efficient windows. They are easy to install and are cheaper than traditional replacement windows. It has been tested and proven that low emissivity storm windows can cut your energy bills by as much as 35%. This means that in a year you’d save at least $330 out of your energy bill.

Storm windows are coated with a very thin layer of low-emissivity metal that retains heat within your home. The coating considerably diminishes the window’s insulation ability, reducing the cost of heating your home.

When choosing a storm window, be sure to select the right type for your home. There are a wide variety of materials and coatings for you to choose from. Beware of the risk of condensation forming between the existing window and the storm window. Fortunately, this problem is easy to avert. Simply make sure the original window is airtight by applying caulk to seal the jamb and head.

Air-seal attic stairs

The significance of attic stairs in home energy efficiency is usually ignored. However, its impact on your homes energy efficiency is much bigger than you may think. Sealing or insulating an attic stair will save you energy and cash.

In real sense, attic stairs should be treated just like any other opening to the outside. Therefore it is important two air seal this opening. You can use an insulated cover box to seal an attic stair. Sealing an attic stair will save up to 13% of energy.

Install thermal barriers between an unconditioned garage and conditioned spaces.

Having air or thermal barriers between an unconditioned garage and conditioned spaces adjusted to it will not only save you money and energy, but will also ensure the quality of air inside your home is good. You may be aware of some dangerous pollutants that come from garages. For example, garages can lead to extensive carbon monoxide poisoning as well as release of sulphides and heavy metal fumes. As such, besides sealing and insulating the garage from conditioned spaces, ensure you never leave any car engine running while the garage door is closed. Similarly, make sure any other chemical in a container is properly sealed.

Call for a professional energy audit

If you do not understand why your utility bills are skyrocketing, an energy audit is the perfect way to discover problems with your homes energy efficiency. A professional energy auditor will be able to point out problems in your heating and cooling systems and to assess the performance of your insulation, and possibly find air leaks.  An energy audit will cost you a few bucks but will save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

An energy audit will look at the following:

  • The status of your heating and cooling system
  • The primary areas of leakage in your walls and ceilings as well as doors and windows
  • Cost effective ways through which you can improve your energy efficiency
  • Large scale upgrades that will considerably diminish energy wastage within the shortest period of time


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