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7 Ways New Windows Can Benefit You

What’s a home without windows, or with old worn-out windows? Windows let the beautiful natural sunlight in while protecting us from the elements outdoors. Windows are one of the most crucial parts of a home, but sometimes we tend to forget about and neglect them.

Never take your windows for granted! They serve such an important purpose for your home, so you should make sure they are a priority. If your windows are outdated or in bad shape, putting them off is only going to have negative effects on your home. Take care of your windows like you would the rest of your home! Let a professional replacement windows contractor help you out.

Here are 7 things that you should know about windows before installing new ones:

  1. New Replacement Windows Cut Your Energy Costs

Did you know that old, leaky, inefficient windows could be contributing to over 25% of your energy bill? You help can cut energy costs by installing new double-pane Energy Star windows, which will help keep the heat out during the summer but trap the heat in during the coldest months of winter so that you’re heating and cooling system doesn’t have to work overtime to keep you and your family feeling comfortable indoors!

  1. Double-Pane Windows Reduce Outdoor Noise

Do you live in a busy part of town? You might not be aware of just how noisy your home can get as a result because you are so used to it by now. Get your relaxing evenings at home back with insulated windows that can help keep some of that noise out!

  1. All Windows Have A Lifespan

How long will new replacement windows last? It depends on how much wear they’ve seen, but most manufacturers recommend replacing windows about every 20 years. Find out how to tell whether your windows need to be replaced here. Not replacing your windows will result in more problems for your home! This means higher energy bills and potential damage with heavier storms.

  1. Skylights Brighten Any Home

Take advantage of beautiful natural light by installing a set of replacement windows made of glass. You can really brighten up your home when you add a skylight. Skylights help increase the light you get into your room by up to 30% compared to a standard window! With more light, you won’t have to waste electricity to see during the daytime!

  1. Let Light In, Not Peeping Eyes

Forget about window treatments like blinds and curtains in the bathroom – have you ever considered glass treatments instead? Frosted or bubbled glass can prevent anyone from looking in, but still, allow light through!

  1. The Right Replacement Windows Protect Against Theft

Prevent break-ins with shatterproof glass windows. A layer of plastic between 2 layers of glass creates a window that even the hardest rock won’t breakthrough. The job of your home is to help protect your family, so make sure that your windows, in addition to your doors, are in on it as well!

  1. Windows Take up 15% of Wall Space 

You wouldn’t hang up ugly old artwork on your walls, so why are you letting outdated windows stay there? You have so many options when it comes to window styles! Choose ones that match your home’s style or options that stand out and make a statement! Consider installing garden widows or double-hung windows.

If you decide window replacement is the best option, Aspen Home Improvements has a variety of energy-efficient window options to choose from and we offer professional window installation services throughout all of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Virginia. Contact Aspen to learn more about our window selections in York, Reading, Lancaster and various other areas throughout Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania.



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