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5 Ways The Summer Weather Can Cause Damage To Your House

We all love summer. It’s a season of vacations and endless fun. Nonetheless, we’re all conversant with the immense damage winter weather can cause to our homes. Wind can topple trees and pipes often freeze. But are you aware that summer weather can damage your house too? Well, a summer’s heat has its threats that can cause damage to your house.

Although summer heat doesn’t affect homes in the same way as cold weather, it’s quite vital to be aware of the potential damage that heat can cause to your house and the possible measures to keep in place.  Summer weather is a nice break from the wear and tear of winter weather, but it brings its own set of issues.

Here are the five ways the summer weather can cause damage to your house.


High heat can also damage your roof. Unlike massive snow damage, it’s slightly hard to notice heat damage to your rooftop. If you’re not taking proper safety measures, Subtle but significant structural damage can occur over the years. It is, therefore, crucial that you frequently check your roofing.

Additionally, if your home probably has an attic, you’re more conscious of how hot attics can become during the day. Since most attics lack airflow, the heat and humidity that builds up inside have no way to escape. As such, your shingles are prone to deteriorate much quicker.

What’s more, it is entirely significant to ensure the air ducts and ventilation in your house are appropriately maintained to prevent your attic from getting too hot during summer. If you live in a hot or humid area, you can also opt to seal or coat your roof to protect it against moisture and sunlight. Although roof damage won’t occur overnight, it should never be ignored.


Foundations are majorly designed to use the surrounding soil as a continuous support system. And as such, it may be in danger during summer due to the drying nature of heat. As the ground heats up, the soil shrinks while the moisture evaporates, causing the soil to separate from the footing. This potentially damages the foundation.

To prevent such occurrences, you can keep the moisture consistent around your house’s foundation by using a sprinkler system. Another possible way is ensuring there are no large trees closer to your house. Trees are known to draw moisture through the earth in times of decreased moisture. By doing this, you’ll have provided your family with a happy, healthy home.

Hardwood Floors

Did you know that your hardwood floors can also be damaged by summer weather? Well, hardwood floors grow and shrink as the temperature changes. When the temperature spikes, your floors expand and swell with the moisture filling the gaps left under the baseboards.

Prolonged humidity during summer can cause floors to crack, resulting in some permanent damage. This is preventable through installing whole-home dehumidifiers to help regulate humidity levels in your entire house.

If your floor is slightly buckled, it can be repaired. Conversely, if the floorboards shrink back to their original size, the edges are likely to be damaged, forcing you to replace them. To avoid this, start running your A/C as soon as the humidity level outside starts to rise. Preferably, always use minimal water when cleaning your floors.

Furniture and Décor

Your furniture and décor can also be affected by humidity and temperature changes in your house. Wooden objects such as antique tables, picture frames, or armchairs can expand during the humid summer months. Artwork and paintings are all susceptible to decay, flaking, and mold growth in humid environments. You can prevent this by controlling the humidity inside your home. 


Another potential part that can be damaged by summer weather is your plumbing. If your pipes are not sealed the right way, they tend to leak or even burst due to high water usage. You can prevent this by having a plumber regularly as a maintenance program to check any possible blockage around your pipes.

Excessive drying can also cause water lines to rupture or disconnect. To prevent this, always ensure that the soil bordering your home is watered and maintained in hotter months.


Scorching and humid temperatures can be an enemy of your house’s structural safety.  The most significant way to lessen these problems is by staying ahead by having a professional check for susceptibilities. Identifying problems much earlier and taking care of repairs will always be less expensive.

Protect your investment and stay safe by taking care of your A/C, this ensures both the temperature and humidity in your house stays at a comfy level during summer weather. Always take ample time to develop the right eye for threats; this is a great way to save money on long-term maintenance costs.

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