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Looking for a local vinyl siding company?

Whether you need siding installed for just 1 side of your home or a complete siding replacement, you’ve come to the right place! Aspen Home Improvements is a trusted siding installation contractor that is licensed, bonded, and fully insured in to install siding in PennsylvaniaMarylandDelaware and West Virginia.

We offer the best siding replacement services in the industry and it’s our goal to provide you with the best experience for your siding repair or replacement.

Our Objective at Aspen Home Improvements is to help make your dream home a reality, while also providing you with the best customer experience from the very beginning of the project. Along with providing the best customer service, we also focus on offering our customers top-of-the-line home siding products!

We Use The Most Trusted Siding Brands In The Industry

We offer top tier products like Mastic’s Ovation Vinyl siding, Royal Estate vinyl siding, and Alside ASCEND composite siding products for our custom siding solutions. We only work reputable siding manufacturers who have been consistently create quality products for the past 3 decades.

All three of our siding products are designed and test with technology that suits the North Eastern American climate conditions and standards. You can rest assured that our reinforced siding will maintain a great appearance and last a lifetime. We have a variety of durable siding options and styles that are wind resistant, color protected, and well insulated to enhance your home’s curb appeal, energy efficiency, and home value!

As a top quality siding replacement product, Mastic Ovation and Royal Estate sidings will withstand any damage that our weather can throw at them from hurricane-force winds to hail storms, through high heat and extreme sun. Mastic and Royal Building Solutions offer reinforced vinyl siding that is constructed around a foam core which helps it absorb shock from high-impact events. Additionally, because American homes are larger than other countries, the house siding planks can be supplied in extra-long sizes meaning that there’s no need for unsightly joins on long runs.

Mastic Ovation Siding Replacement

Mastic Ovation is a simple siding replacement solution enabling you to renew your home’s siding at an affordable price. There are 20 vinyl siding colors with five panel styles. The Double 5” style is rated is rated as windproof for winds of up to 195mph. This rigidity comes from the 0.42″ thickness of the vinyl house siding, which is more then the industry standard for excellent durability. Five of the darker Ovation colors are equipped with SolarDefense ReflectiveTechnology, which is a layer of a cooling compound that scatters light, reflecting heat away and keeping the panels cooler.

This layer also provides more color stability to prevent your vinyl siding color from fading. Not only are the colors going to last much longer, but the panels are resistant to chemical breakdown that can otherwise cause the failure of the siding.

Royal Estate Vinyl Siding Replacement

Royal Estate vinyl siding is another exquisite exterior solution that effortlessly emulates the captivating allure of natural woodgrain. It’s .44″ thickness provides a more substantial panel projection and greater rigidity.   Royal’s 5/8″ butt height creates enchanting shadow lines, adding a touch of sophistication to the siding architectural design. It is also crafted from low-maintenance vinyl, which makes it impervious to warping, buckling, or sagging, and ensures a pristine appearance for years to come. This Royal Estate siding also features a partial rollover hem that guarantees exceptional wind load resistance, offering peace of mind during stormy weather, including hurricane-force winds of up to 180 mph. 

Royal estate is available in 17 UV-resistant dark and premium colors that are enriched with the deep Colorscapes® shades, making it easier for you to customize your design to perfection. Royal Estate Siding is not just a work of art but a testament to quality, which backed by an industry-leading Double Lifetime Warranty that covers both color and hail protection. It’s robust construction, makes it an investment that will elevate your estate’s elegance and protection for years to come.

Both the Ovation and Quest vinyl siding provide protection for even the darkest colors against the bleaching effect of the sun and prevents the sun’s rays from weathering the panels. Unlike conventional vinyl siding, your Ovation, or Quest, siding installation will not show minor nicks and scratches, that’s because our sidings have color running through the entire depth of the vinyl. Many other products have the color applied in only a thin layer atop a thicker white layer meaning that any nicks or scratches show up as an unsightly white mark.

High Quality Vinyl Aiding That Lasts a lifetime!

With the totaled benefits of thicker siding panels, wind proofing, insulation and solar protection systems built into Ovation and Estate siding, you also get a lifetime of labor service from Aspen’s siding installations. Mastic also offers the industry’s only no-fade, no distortion promise. Even better, when your home is sold, the warranty is transferable to the next owner giving real benefits to prospective purchasers even decades into the future!

Aspen’s Siding Installation Service

No matter how good the replacement siding material is, you will need proper planning and siding installation of equal quality. If your quality vinyl siding planks are not cut and installed properly, then the siding can never provide the best perfomance for your home.

You need to be confident that the siding company and siding contractors carrying out the installation work are right for you. You need a company that has been serving your neighborhood for many years, with a high reputation for the quality of its work and customer service.

It is essential to hire highly trained siding installers who ensure that the conditions for the lifetime warranty have been met. Our trained installers will verify your warranty, check to see if any maintenance work is required and take care of your siding. That’s what Aspen has been doing for over 30 years.

Signs It’s Time For A Siding Replacement

We spend so much time in our homes that sometimes we grow accustomed to what we have around us. If your siding has been installed a long time ago, then now is a good time to walk around your home.

Look at your home’s exterior. How does it look? Is the siding discolored, cracked, or perhaps there are signs of mold? Read our blog to learn more about “6 Telltale Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Siding“. If you are concerned by what you see then give us a call, here at Aspen, and we can meet with you and together, sort out a plan to replace your damaged or failing siding and give you a free quotation so that you can take the next step to preserving and increasing the value of your family home.

Aspen’s Vinyl Siding Lifetime Warranty

Selecting a vinyl siding contractor to work with, deciding on the best replacement siding, and getting it installed is an investment; we want to help you protect that investment. That is why Aspen Home Improvements offers a Lifetime Warranty on the workmanship and materials that we use on your home.

Still not sure on whether you should replace your siding?  Read our article to learn about “Top 5 Reasons to Buy Vinyl Siding“.

What Style of Siding Are You Looking for?

We offer the following siding styles in vinyl or composite materials

Dutch Lap siding style
Dutch Lap

A standard style of vinyl siding that creates overlapping horizontal rows with a slight angled arch.

Board and Batten siding style
Board and Batten

A vertical siding style that utilizes wide vertical planks joined together by thin strips to cover the seams.

Vinyl Shake siding style
Vinyl Shake

A modern siding style that resembles the older look of wood cedar shake and shingles.

Scallop siding style

A siding style shaped like the round overlapping scales of a fish.

Clapboard siding style

A siding style shaped to create flat overlapping horizontal rows in order to resemble a real wood plank look.

Beaded siding style

A horizontal siding style which includes a shadow line that runs along the bottom of the siding panel.

Mastic Vinyl Siding Colors

Mastic siding offers a stunning variety of vinyl siding colors that complement any home scheme. Click here to explore all of the different siding color options! Not sure which color would work best for your home design? Speak to our siding specialist for some ideas!        


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