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Meet ProVia Doors- Our Exterior Door Manufacturer

Aspen Home Improvements is proud to partner with ProVia, as our exclusive door manufacturer.

ProVia has been manufacturing top quality replacement doors and door materials for over 45 years! The owners Bill Mullet and his brother Andrew founded ProVia Doors in 1977. The company’s origin started when Mullet brothers purchased some assets of a small aluminum window and door fabricator named Hochstetler Door & Window to start ProVia. Shortly after in 1978, they purchased a line of steel entry doors to increase their ProVia door business. Additionally, they also started to sell windows and storm doors to expand the ProVia Brand.

Eventually in 1980, Andrew Mullet moved to Texas and sold his share of the business making Bill Mullet the sole owner of the company. By 1986 Bill decided to sell ProVia’s their window and storm door line in order to focus solely on producing quality replacement entry doors.

It wasn’t until 1992, when ProVia started to manufacture and introduce their popular fiberglass doors. Since then business continued to grow and expand year after year. With the expansion came the need for a larger facility so they purchased new facilities all throughout Ohio.

In 2015, ProVia Eventually launched a brand-new window and patio door program, which includes their well known Aeris™, Endure™, Aspect™, and ecoLite™ product lines. ProVia Doors had originally manufactured doors the for the residents of Ohio but have since expanded their business all across the east coast!

ProVia Door Contractor in Lancaster, PA

ProVia’s products have since arrived here in Lancaster County, as their business and products have undergone serious growth and popularity.

Aspen Home Improvements is a one of the most reputable and certified ProVia Door dealers in PA, MD, WV, and DE. Aspen has consistently delivered excellent results and exceeded customer expectations of homeowners with the help of ProVia’s products. At Aspen, we are proud to offer most of our replacement door services with only ProVia products – that being entry door replacements, patio door replacements, and Storm door replacements. With each of our door replacements, we offer a wide selection of fiberglass and steel doors that can be elected from the ProVia doors catalog. We trust that our work has resulted in satisfied customers all throughout Lancaster County and beyond.

Benefits of ProVia Replacement Doors

As for the quality of ProVia’s products – you can feel at ease knowing that you’re getting some of the most durable doors out there! Not only are they durable but they are also very energy efficient doors. ProVia doors are fully injected with foam insulation, include exclusive weathertight weather stripping, and are thermally broken from the inside out. Additionally, ProVia Door products meet and exceed the most demanding energy efficiency ratings and certifications. ProVia doors are also Energy Star certified and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified which means that they meet and exceed Solar Heat Gain, U-Factor, and Coefficient ratings required by the NFRC.

We even back the quality of ProVia’s products by offering an Lifetime Door Warranty with our door replacement service.

We wouldn’t work with ProVia Doors if they weren’t quality products! Consider Aspen Home Improvements for your next door job, and see for yourself why we use them. Interested in learning more about ProVia door prices and an installation cost estimate? Contact us today to schedule a free in-home quote for your project!

ProVia Door Options

Aspen Home Improvements can install a wide variety of ProVia doors styles and types to your home. These types include:

  • ProVia Steel Entry Doors
  • ProVia Steel Double Doors
  • ProVia Steel French Doors
  • ProVia Fiberglass Entry Doors
  • ProVia Fiberglass Double Doors
  • ProVia Fiberglass French Doors
  • ProVia Fiberglass Patio Doors
  • ProVia Aluminum Storm Doors
  • ProVia Security Storm Doors
All of these replacement doors offer custom hardware and sidelite window options

If you’re looking for a door type that compliments your home – it’s more than likely we have what suits your needs! We are proud to offer an array of door supplied by the our partners at ProVia – consider us for your replacement professional door installation!

What style of door are you looking for?

We offer the following door styles in fiberglass or steel options

Panel Door

A standard entry door that includes panels framed by stiles and rails of greater thickness.

Windowed Door

A Door that includes Glazing or a glass insert within a front door, which allows in more natural lighting.

Double Door

A larger entry door with two vertical doors that meet in the middle of the opening when closed and offer the option to open both doors.

French Patio Door

Is a door that is mostly made of glass and looks similar to windows. A classic model has two side-by-side panels that swing in or out from hinges on the sides of the frame.

Replacement Sliding Glass Door
Sliding Glass Door

A door that is composed of 2 large glass window panels. One panel is fixed and the other is a mobile panel which slides open along a track system.

Storm Door

An additional door placed outside an ordinary exterior door for protection against severe weather.

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