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Aspen Home Improvements has been in the window replacement industry since 1990 and has earned a reputation for superior window replacement in Lititz PA. With over 30 years of window replacement experience, we have been recognized as the most reputable and trusted window replacement contractor in Lititz PA. As a family owned and locally operated home improvement company based In Lancaster PA, we take pride in we take pride in setting the highest standards for our window work. That is why we only the uses they highest quality window products and internally hire the best local contractors to install windows for our Lititz clients. We also have a large base of previous customers that are located in Lititz PA and have a show room nearby located at 2653 Lititz Pike in Lancaster, PA.

We Know that windows are an important part of every home and our goal is to provide you with the best quality windows for the best price. At Aspen Home Improvements we specialize in both residential and commercial energy-efficient window replacement in Lititz PA. As an experienced and professional Window Installer in Lititz we can can help you determine the best energy efficient window options and styles for your home or business! 

Lititz PA Replacement Window Options

Whether you are looking to replace all of your home’s windows or just looking to update the style of windows in your home, our replacement window specialists will make sure to provide a quality service and a quality product for your Lititz PA home. Our objective is to install the best replacement windows that provide the best value and benefits for our clients. That is why we only use premium vinyl energy efficient windows that can help reduce monthly utility bills, are durable and provide a great curb appeal. To ensure our products are the best window options for your Lititz PA home, we work with OKNA Windows, a local window manufacturer in Pennsylvania. So all of our premium windows are made in Pennsylvania and are durably built for the Lititz, PA climate. 

We realize that selecting the perfect windows for your home can be challenging which us why we offer a wide variety of window styles and options. Our replacement window experts are also here to help. We carefully listen to your feedback, needs, style preferences,  and recommend the best vinyl windows solution for your home and budget. We can even custom fit and match windows to your home or business’s exterior and color cap your windows for a clean look. If your looking for a specific window option for your home, here is a list of the window options we offer

Vinyl window style options

  • Basement Windows
  • Bay Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Garden Windows
  • New Custom Window Installation (Customized Shapes & Sizes)
  • & More

Not sure on what replacement window option is best for you? Read our articles to learn about “How to Choose Replacement Windows for Your Home” or contact us and speak to one of our vinyl window specialist!


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Signs Windows Need Replaced for your Lititz home

Do you remember the last time your inspected the condition of your windows? Most people don’t or have never checked the condition of their windows. Most windows are typically due for replacement after about 20 years. If your old windows are damaged or inefficient you could be losing money. Talk about throwing money out the window! 
Old inefficient windows or damaged windows provide less natural light, increase your utility bills, weaken your home’s security, and just look unappealing. As a homeowner in Lititz PA, It is important to ensure that your windows are properly maintained and working. It is also crucial to recognize when your windows need to be replaced.
Not sure if you need new replacement windows for your home? Here are the top common signs that indicate you need a window replacement in Lititz PA:

Windows Close Improperly or Jammed– When inspecting each window in your house, try opening and closing them. If you find that a window some requires force open or is jammed shut you should replace them. Windows should be easy to open in order to allow fresh air or in the case of an emergency like a fire.

2. Condensation On Your Window Panes– If you notice that your windows are fogging up take a closer look. If the condensation is occurring between the window panes then this is a clear sign of have poor window sealing. Windows with poor sealing allow for air to leak into your home.

3. Decaying Frames– When your home’s exterior is exposed to excess moisture from storms, leaking gutters, and extreme weather conditions it can cause water damage on your window frames. This penetration of moisture can cause warping or rotting in your homes exterior surface causing it to  decay. Decaying window frames create cracking in your home’s structure creating air leaks and water leaks into your home. Decayed window frames are a clear sign for window replacement and should be addressed immediately.

4. Drafty Windows– If you notice air leaks or drafts of air coming into your home you will need to replace your windows. Drafty windows allow for your cold air conditioning to escape during the hot summer and allows for your heating to leak out during the cold winters. Leaking windows make your home inefficient and increase your utility bills

5. Loud Sound Entry– Poor Soundproofing is a sign your should upgrade your windows. When you can notice and hear each car that passes your home through your window pane, your home loses all it’s peace and quietness.

If you notice any of these signs after inspecting your home’s windows, contact us today and schedule a free consultation.

Window Installation in Lititz, Pennsylvania

Are you looking for a dependable contractor in Lititz Pennsylvania, to install windows on your home or commercial building? New windows update homes, making them more beautiful and energy efficient. You can get them in lovely wood, economical vinyl, and strong metal frames. Modern windows are so energy efficient that they can lower your monthly heating and cooling bills.

Depending on the types of windows that you install on your property, you could even be eligible for an energy-saving tax credit. Aspen Home Improvements, Inc has been installing new and replacement windows on Lititz homes and commercial buildings for over 31 years. When you want to embark on a home improvement project that will bring years of enjoyment and satisfaction, give us a call to learn more about our window installation services.

8 Great Reasons to Choose Aspen Home Improvements For Replacement Windows

1) We have 30+ years of window replacement and installation experience.

2) We offer a true lifetime warranty on both materials and labor.

3) We offer free window installation with purchase of our replacement windows.

4) We offer financing options with 3-36 months Of Interest Free Financing!

5) We offer a variety of window styles, colors, and custom window shape options.

6) Safety- Our windows utilize a multi-point locking system that provides the highest level of safety by securing your window by three critical points that are impossible to force open.

7) Low Maintenance Windows– Our windows are easy to maintain due to extra coatings on the glass which reduces condensation. They also have tilt-in feature that makes our windows easy to clean.

8) Utility Bill Savings: All of our new replacement windows provide energy saving benefits and are ENERGY STAR® certified. We offer double and even triple pane windows that can save you up to an average of 45% on cooling and heating bills!

Why spend more time and energy shopping around for other window replacement contractors when you’ve already found Lititz PA’s leader in the industry. Call us today for your free estimate.

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