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We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions within the siding replacement industry and have provided you with our answers and professional opinions!

You should consider a siding replacement if you notice or consider any of the following signs:

  • You notice blisters or bubbles on the siding
  • You notice fungus, mold or mildew growing on the siding
  • You notice siding is extremely weathered, or has heavy hail or wind damage
  • You notice rotten siding or exterior surface
  • Your notice water damage on your home’s exterior
  • Your siding is cracked, broken or warped
  • Your siding is severely faded
  • You want to enhance your home’s curb appeal
  • You want to Increase your home’s value

Essentially you could repair siding by replacing just a few pieces of siding. However, the biggest issue is that it is really hard to color match the new vinyl siding with the old vinyl siding. Even using the same brand siding is not always a guaranteed match due to the color fading from the sunlight. This is why most contractors only offer siding replacement for at least one side of the home. Additionally, they can warranty a complete side of siding but they cannot warranty a side of a home with mixed siding pieces. Their are many benefits of replacing your siding rather than just repairing it.

Vinyl siding has been a popular exterior choice since the early 1950s. The average vinyl siding exterior lasts about 30-40 years. With Improvements in modern technology and manufacturing some modern vinyl siding projects can last around 60 years with consistent cleaning and maintenance. However, the lifespan of vinyl siding can be affected by your region’s weather conditions. If the region where your home is located has very cold winters, very hot summers, and harsh weather conditions at different times of the year, your vinyl siding might start to break down over the years and you should consider replacing it even before nearing its lifespan.

Our premium Mastic Vinyl Siding products can last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. We even back this with a top lifetime labor and materials warranty that is transferable!

No, our service does not include trim work, however we do offer trim replacement as an additional service. Our trim replacement service includes soffit and fascia work.

At Aspen Home Improvements, our siding replacement service includes all of the following:

  • The removal of old aluminum or vinyl siding
  • Installation of Tyvek house moisture and air barrier wrap.
  • Installation of New Replacement Vinyl siding. Our siding is a reinforced vinyl siding with built-in insulation.
  • Lastly we provide all of the siding accessories such spickets, light blocks, and corner posts. Trim work is not included.

The installation time to install new replacement siding on a home is variable. In our experience on average it can take anywhere from one to seven days to remove and replace vinyl siding for a home. It really depends on the number of squares for the project.

Both Hardie Board and vinyl siding are great durable options for your home’s exterior. However, Hardie Board is much more expensive than vinyl siding. Many homeowners choose hardie because they come in wider planks which can create a much more solid and clean look for your home’s curb appeal. Hardie Board is a composite siding material which is a more solid material in comparison to vinyl siding which is more hollow. Because Hardie board is much denser (usually more than a quarter of an inch thick) it tends to be more resistant to wind damage and repairs. However, vinyl siding can last just as long and does not fade as much as Hardie Board. Hardie Board planks can still fade over a period of time and in some cases need to be repainted. Hardie Board is very popular amongst select homeowners but there are still many reasons why many homeowners decide to buy vinyl siding. Both are still great options for a homeowner; it just depends on what the homeowner is looking for and the budget they are looking to spend. At Aspen Home Improvements we offer both Hardie Board and Mastic vinyl siding. If your are interested in either product. feel free to contact us for a free consultation!

Step 1: Do research and choose the right siding company/contractors.
Step 2: Get quotes from each reputable company/contractors.
Step 3: Choose the contractor that provides the best value for your long term investment.
Step 4: Choose the siding materials and color customizations for the project.
Step 5: Schedule installation date.
Step 6: Contractor will remove your existing siding.
Step 7: Contractor will inspect the wall exterior and prepare it for installation.
Step 8: Contractor will install insulation layer before installing the siding. At Aspen Home Improvements we offer Tyvek or Low E Insulation options.
Step 9: Contractor will then install the new replacement siding on your home’s exterior and any siding accessories such as corner posts and light blocks.
Step 10: Cleanup and Final Inspection.

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