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We’ve gathered some of the most commonly asked questions within the door replacement industry and have provided you with our answers and professional opinions!

You should replace your door if you notice or consider any of the following signs:

  • Your door has an air draft
  • Your door is weathered, cracked or warped
  • Your door doesn’t feel sturdy & safe
  • Your door has functionality issues and won’t close or open
  • You want to enhance your home’s curb appeal
  • You want to Increase your home’s value

Read our “4 Signs That A Door Needs To Be Replaced” blog for more information.

You could replace any exterior door in your home without removing the jamb or the frame if the frame in good shape, is squared, and as long as the door is a custom fit which may be difficult to find in stores. Luckily, at Aspen Home Improvements we offer custom built door replacements for a perfect fit which include door framing options and customizations to match your home’s aesthetic.

Yes, a new front door replacement is an affordable investment option for your home as it provides about an average return-on-investment of around 75%. Not only does installing a new front entry door provide a great ROI but it also increases your home’s curb appeal, security and energy efficiency. Think about how much your home’s security is worth? Enhanced door security is priceless since it protects your family from any break ins. Lastly, a modern front entry door is very energy efficient and can save you money on your utility bills.

In general, the average front entry door should last a homeowner at least 30 years with yearly maintenance. However, extreme weather conditions where your home is located can affect the doors lifespan. After years of ravaging snow, sleet, wind, rain storms, and use doors can become weathered down and begin to warp or rot. This can cause functionality issues which result in your door having issues closing and reducing its security. Extreme damage to your door can cause your traditional door to crack or break increasing air drafts and your utility bills. If you want your door to last long you need to consider a more durable door material like fiberglass or Steel doors.

If you’re looking for the most durable door option you should consider either a fiberglass door or a steel door. In our opinion you can’t really beat a steel door when it comes choosing a long-lasting door. Not only are steel doors fire resistant, but they’re extremely secure and they can last for a lifetime if properly maintained. However, if you’re looking for a more customizable option then fiberglass doors are another great durable door option. A quality fiberglass door can last around 70 years if properly maintained however with fiberglass doors the paint can fade much faster than steel doors. If you are interested in a quality fiberglass or steel replacement door, contact us for a free quote!

On average an exterior door replacement takes about 5 to 6 hours to completely install. This installation time takes into account the time to remove the old door and custom frame and hinge the new replacement door. Installation time could vary depending on the number of doors and specific projects.

Step 1: Do research and choose the right siding company/contractors.
Step 2: Get quotes from each reputable company/contractors.
Step 3: Choose the contractor that provides the best value for your long term investment.
Step 4: Choose the siding materials and color customizations for the project.
Step 5: Schedule installation date.
Step 6: Contractor will measure and level the rough opening.
Step 7: Contractor will remove the old door and frame.
Step 8: Contractor will install a new door sill.
Step 9: Contractor will inspect the wall exterior and make any cuts to the door jamb in preparation for installation.
Step 10: Contractor will secure the frame with shims if needed and screw the frame into place.
Step 11: Contractor will then install the new replacement door and any sidelights into the frame.
Step 12: Contractor will install new casing trim around the door.
Step 13: Cleanup and Final Inspection.

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