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When guests come to visit you, the first thing they notice is your home’s aesthetic appeal. One of the most distinct features of your home is your entrance ways, whether that is through a front entry door,  rear entry doors, or a patio door. With so many door styles, it’s no surprise that some homeowners have a difficult time choosing the right fit for their homes.

At Aspen Home Improvements we hope to make both your door replacement and door installation easier for you! That is why we offer top tier custom fiberglass & steel doors from ProVia and sliding glass doors from Okna. Explore over 200 different exterior door styles we have available. Each door style is available in different material types and product lines to suit your preferences.

Your home is an investment worth maintaining. That is why Aspen makes sure to provide the best quality products along with a quality installation so your doors last can last a lifetime!

New Front Door Replacement With Windows In Lancaster,PA

What style of door are you looking for?

We offer the following door styles in fiberglass or steel options

Panel Door

A standard entry door that includes panels framed by stiles and rails of greater thickness.

Windowed Door

A Door that includes Glazing or a glass insert within a front door, which allows in more natural lighting.

Double Door

A larger entry door with two vertical doors that meet in the middle of the opening when closed and offer the option to open both doors.

French Patio Door

Is a door that is mostly made of glass and looks similar to windows. A classic model has two side-by-side panels that swing in or out from hinges on the sides of the frame.

Replacement Sliding Glass Door
Sliding Glass Door

A door that is composed of 2 large glass window panels. One panel is fixed and the other is a mobile panel which slides open along a track system.

Storm Door

An additional door placed outside an ordinary exterior door for protection against severe weather.

Sliding Glass door with built in blinds in the glass panes in Lancaster, PA

A Custom Entry Door Replacement That Provides Many Benefits

A well-made door can last for many years. Modern changes in door materials and improvements in technology mean that the old exterior doors that were originally installed when your home built, many years ago, are not as secure or energy efficient as our custom entry doors from ProVia.

At Aspen Home Improvements we offer both steel and fiberglass entry doors from ProVia. These ProVia doors are offered in over 200 door styles! As standard, the ProVia fiberglass door and ProVia Storm door come in 15 standard colors and 12 trending colors but can also be customized in an endless amount of long lasting powder coat colors.

Both our ProVia entry doors and Okna sliding glass doors are Energy Star certified and National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) certified which means that they meet and exceed Solar Heat Gain, U-Factor, and Coefficient ratings required by the NFRC. Not only are our doors super efficient but they also come with the added benefits of Increased home security, durability, sound reduction, energy-efficiency, and curb appeal. We believe in the quality of ProVia and Okna so much that when you order a door replacement you can rest assured that your investment is protected by a lifetime warranty!

A Door Replacement That Will Make Your Home Safer And More Efficient

Aspen has been making homes more secure and insulated for over 30 years! Our reputation has been built upon providing homeowners from Lancaster, PA to West Virginia with custom fitted windowsroofingsiding, and doors. We work hard to bring you the high quality, safety and security that your family deserves. That is why we only use premium replacement doors from OKNA and ProVia. Aspen will never install doors for your home that will not completely enhance your home’s security and appearance. Our modern OKNA and ProVia doors are equipped with a multipoint security locking system that increases your home’s safety and prevents intruders from breaking into your home. You will always feel proud of your door replacement investment and feel more relaxed by the protection that your choices have given to your family. That is something we at Aspen Home Improvements guarantee with our lifetime warranty!

multi point locking system for replacement door

OKNA Patio Doors Replacement

A patio door in your home extends your backyard right into your living room. Just slide the patio door open, and all the summer light and fresh air become part of your home. That is why Americans love installing exterior patio doors in their home. Some replacement patio doors can lead to higher energy bills due to the enormous amount of glass and poor insulation, not to mention the door’s mechanism can also be a security risk. However, our OKNA elegante patio doors utilize thicker glass inserts and new multi point locking system technology to ensure the highest quality, safety and energy efficient patio doors for your Home.

As a responsible and budget conscious homeowner choosing an OKNA Elegante patio door is a great solution to reduce your utility bills. Okna Patio doors help make your home both cozier as you keep the cold out during the winter and help maintain your home cooler during the hot summers.

Aspen offers the OKNA Elegante patio door because it incorporates a host of benefits that make it a significant upgrade to less secure, less energy efficient, older patio door designs.

For safety and energy efficiency, the Elegante patio door has glass that is 4mm thick, which is much thicker than the glass used in most regular windows across the market.

For additional security, Aspen can make your custom patio door almost impossible to break into with a 3 point locking system that secures the door at top, sides, and bottom. All OKNA Elegante doors even have an easy to use foot bolt door lock that enables extra fresh air to enter your home without compromising security.

When it comes to insulation and thermal efficiency, the OKNA Elegante uses multiple systems to keep cold at bay. The same technology also makes it a sound proofing door which helps to reduce the level of external noise that you will hear inside your home.

However, all the long-lasting security and insulation features in the world mean nothing unless the door looks as good as it works. For that reason, when you order your OKNA Elegante patio door, you can also choose from a multitude of door appearance options. On the Inside of the door you can choose from three colors, including a lovely Euro White or five wood laminate finishes. From the outside, you can be as individual as you want from six colors as well as bright Euro white, or for more unique options we can specify almost any color you would like as a custom color scheme.

You can even specify two different lock systems in a range of colors. To further enhance the style of your patio door you can choose from several aluminum grid patterns set in the insulating airspace between the glass panes giving your door a beautiful finish. This helps to make your job of cleaning the glass more easy and convenient.

Black Front Entry Storm Door Replacement in Womelsdorf PA

ProVia Storm Door Replacement

A storm door installation protects your door from the natural elements while also enhancing the aesthetics of your home. You need a replacement storm door that feels as solid as a rock, that is heavier than most, but equipped with a well-made door hinge and locking system that makes opening and closing feel as light as a feather.

Buyers of ProVia doors are usually sticklers for quality and will not cut corners. When you call on Aspen to custom fit an ProVia door you can rest assured that you have made a solid choice to upgrade your home with a well-engineered door that gives your home a reliable service for decades to come.

For security and a longer-life ProVia storm doors are constructed from a thicker, heavier gauge aluminum rather than that cheaper flimsier, aluminum used by other manufacturers for most storm doors.

ProVia storm doors will always hang straight and true in their frames, unable to sag or warp because they are fitted with extruded aluminum, that runs from the top to the bottom of the steel frame. This is only exclusive to ProVia doors.

If you prefer the imposing appearance of an arch top door shape, we also offer arch top storm doors made from aluminum to fit your door opening.

ProVia storm doors are offered in over 200 door styles. The ProVia storm door gives you 15 colors as standard options. If your needs are even more specific, we can customize your ProVia storm door with an endless amount of custom colors.

As the years go by you will come to love the way that ProVia doors keep your home looking neat, tidy, and warm in winter. ProVia doors use steel rather than wood for the edging with a thermal break to keep cold from entering your home. The metal door finish gives an almost indestructible, yet neat finish to the door, no matter how many people or pets crash into it!

Signs you need a door replacement

We walk in and out of our homes multiple times each and every day. Next time you enter or exit your home’s exterior doors stop and inspect each door to make sure they are functioning properly. When inspecting your doors look for these signs:

  1. Your door has a air draft –  Overtime time an older door will naturally develop gaps between the door frame and the door, which can cause drafts of air to come into your home. If your currently using a wedged cloth to keep the air drafts out you will definitely need a new door replacement to ensure your home stays well insulated. Air drafts also cause your cold air conditioning to leak out during hot summer months and allow your heat to escape in the cold winter, which increases your utility expenses.
  2. Your door is weathered, cracked or warped – After years of ravaging snow, winds, rains, and storms doors can become weathered down and begin to warp or rot. This can cause issues which result in your door having uses closing or reduced sturdiness and security.
  3. Your door doesn’t feel sturdy & safe – If your door feels flimsy or not as reinforced then it’s probably time to invest in a stronger door that is more resistant to forced entry. There is no need to feel unsafe in your your own home.
  4. You want to enhance your home’s curb appeal- Imagine the impact of replacing a dull, low-quality entry door with a beautiful fiberglass door, steel door, sliding glass door, or a new custom door. The installation of new front door will surely increase your home’s curb appeal and grab your neighbors attention.
  5. You want to Increase your home’s value – Real estate experts at Zillow and other appraisal organizations claim that you can simply increase your home’s value just by installing a new front door or exterior door.

If you notice any of these signs then your home may need a full door replacement. If you are concerned by what you see then give us a call! We can provide you with a free in-home quote that is valid for an entire year!

Aspen Home Improvements Is Your Local Door Replacement Company

When you choose Aspen Home Improvements to supply and install doors, you are choosing security as well as value from a business trusted for more than 25 years by homeowners in Lancaster PA and service areas beyond. We will always be around to carry out support our lifetime warranty and provide door maintenance for as long as you need us. Although, we are headquartered in Lancaster, PA we proudly provide door replacement services in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and West Virginia. Our showrooms are always fully staffed with helpful door experts waiting to help you choose the right investment for your home. Every replacement door we carry is made in the USA, guaranteeing that your products are made well and built to last.

Talk to one of our specialists to learn more about the many different door options Aspen Home Improvement’s offers from our luxurious patio doors to our award-winning fiberglass doors that are custom built to fit your home. No matter what type of door you are looking for, we have you covered!

Still not sure on what replacement door option is best for you? Read our articles to learn about “Things To Consider When Choosing Your New Exterior Front Door” or the “Top 5 Factors to Consider When Buying New Front Door”.

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