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Building a deck is an ideal way to enlarge your living space to the outside. There are some factors to consider when designing your deck: the space required, the extent of care you can afford, and how you will use the area. Most importantly, your tastes and preferences will determine the features, materials, and design for your deck. An expert comes in handy to give you designs and quotations that suit your needs and meet your budget.

Decks are made for family fun, amusement, and relaxation. Having that in mind, we have committed ourselves to building decks in accordance with IRC and NADRA regulations to keep your family safe. We are keen on building high-quality decks and we’ll never take a short cut that would compromise your safety.

This is a sensible and critical step since telling your deck builder what you intend to spend will make them make designs within your limits. Cost varies with location, size, material, and style of the decking. A simple deck made of pressure-treated wood costs less in comparison to composite decks. Extra features like stairs, railings, and sealings also increase the cost.

Get cost estimates from a reputable roof builder. You can compare different estimates for you to select the most sustainable designs and materials. Be keen on the value and quality of materials, materials, and labor. Make sure you consider additional costs for obtaining permits, framing the deck door, and covering wood framing with fascia trim. The point is, do not miss out on hidden charges. Do your homework, make inquiries. If you’re well informed, you’ll have no regrets after completing your project.

Normally, most contractors will ask you to pay a deposit upfront. The deposit is usually around 30% of the total construction costs. However, depending on the size of your project, the contractor may ask for a greater deposit.

Beware of contractors that ask for larger deposits or want to be paid fully before completing the work

We Are Professional Deck Builders

Besides careful planning, you need to hire a reputable, certified deck builder who will secure your deck’s structure solidly. Finding a contractor cheaply may be an exciting prospect, but we’d rather you go for an experienced builder with the best design or a company offering the best incentives. Emphasis is laid on choosing a licensed and insured professional that makes you comfortable. If not, ask to be referred to one.

We’ll Help You Choose Your Design

At the end of the day, settling on a particular design depends on practicality, aesthetics, and cost. Whatever you cherish most will decide the design you’ll pick. The deck builder to whom the task is assigned should be able to craft a design that perfectly suits your needs. Before deciding on a deck builder or on giving a deposit, ensure you have a satisfactory final design.

Wait until you have a final design that you love before committing to a deck builder or giving a deposit.

We’ll Help You Choose Your Decking Materials

There are several types and brands of decks and rails for you to choose from. This overwhelming number may make selection tedious.

Most of the time, the supporting structure of a deck is made using pressure-treated Southern pine, Brazilian walnut, Brazilian teak, cedar, or mahogany which perform well outdoors. They not only save you some money but also require very minimal maintenance. However, using wood has its downside as staining on the wood decking will eventually rot and decay. Nevertheless, hardwood lasts longer and requires less frequent maintenance.

Another option is composite decking, new material on the market. However, questions arise concerning its durability, since it is made of wood that gradually absorbs moisture hence may rot away, thus compromising the integrity of the deck. Moreover, it requires a lot of maintenance and there is the risk of it failing completely.

Vinyl decking is the ideal decking material that is guaranteed to give you infinite freshness. Vinyl decking virtually never loses its structural integrity, neither does it need frequent repairs. Even with such exciting prospects, vinyl decking expands and contracts as temperature changes and oxidize when exposed to UV radiation.

Deck Builder and Designer

Looking for an affordable deck builder? You no longer have to worry as we’ve got you covered. We build decks using the best materials; pressure treated, hardwood, composite, and vinyl. We also build and install handrails.

Choosing Aspen Home Improvements to supply, install, and repair decks is choosing security as well as value from a trusted entity. We are ready to perform regular maintenance and support our clients as long as you need us. We are happy to serve in Lancaster, York, Dauphin, and Lebanon counties. With us, you are certain to have solidly built decks meant to last.

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