Why Aspen

Who is Aspen Home Improvements?

For more than 25 years, Aspen Home Improvements has been the most trusted name in Home Improvement in Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia. We pride ourselves in serving our customers with cost-effective and energy-efficient replacement windows, exterior doors, siding, and roofing.

Our Aspen Windows Guarantee

All of our products are manufactured and tested in the USA so you can trust that every product has superior craftsmanship and is the very best quality for you and your home. We guarantee you top-quality products, but still offer a lifetime warranty on all materials and labor for all of our windows, doors, and siding in case something needs fixed or enhanced after installation.

Aspen Home Improvement Window Replacement FAQs

Q: Does Aspen provide home window replacement or repair?

A: We’re able to perform both home window replacements and repairs. For your benefit, we only repair our own products due to two main reasons – working on another company’s product will affect your warranty (and make it void) and because our experts aren’t trained in the technology of other company’s products like they are our own.

Q: Are Aspen windows custom and made to measure?

A: Yes. Not only are our windows custom made but every product we install is made specifically for your home and the space it’s installed in.

Q: Are Aspen windows easy to maintain?

A: Our design teams create products with busy lifestyles in mind, so windows that are made from vinyl or composite have been designed for easy maintenance. Our windows can be maintained with just the occasional wipe down using warm soapy water.

Q: Are replacement windows good for the environment?

A: Yes! The specialist glazing and layer of argon gas between the windowpanes help keep heat inside and cold air out and this effectively reduces the need for artificial heat. Anything that promotes natural resources is good for the environment.

Q: How do replacement windows work?

A: Replacement windows work by trapping argon gas between two glass panes in a window frame. As the gas is denser than air, it keeps cold air out. Ideally, your external window will allow hot air through whereas your internal window will deflect hot air, meaning it stays in and subsequently increases energy efficiency.

Q: What is your standard warranty for window replacement?

A: All of our windows feature a lifetime guarantee!

Q: How much does a Aspen window replacement cost?

A: As all of our products are truly custom-made, we cannot offer prices until an expert consultant has had the opportunity to visit your house. At that time, our representatives will factor in every aspect of your home before talking through your options in a free, no-obligation consultation.