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History of our showroom, 2653 Lititz Pike, Lancaster.
PA. 17601

  • This building at 2653 Lititz Pike was built in 1905 to be the future home of St. Peters Evangelical Lutheran Church.
  • The land was bought on September 10 1905 from Jacob Swarr at a cost of $25 per year for a period of 20 years.
  • On October 15th 1905 the first stone was laid. The church officially opened July 15th 1906 with a congregation of 271 members.
  • The building committee consisted of; A.B. Haverstick, Jacob Hess, and Isaac Weaver.
  • The architect was J.A.Dempwolf.
  • Jacob Herr was the carpenter and he was paid between 12 & 20c per hour for his labor.
  • 14 ladies were appointed as a soliciting committee for fund raising for the church.
  • Brick for the building was bought at a price of $6.75.
  • Manheim Township used the building in 1928 as classrooms because a fire burnt down the school room.
  • The pipe organ for the church was donated by Mrs. Julia A Ilyus on June 18th and the addition of organ chimes were donated by Dr and Mrs. Witmer and added in 1931.
  • In 1925 Earl Landis was the organist and choir director. Harry Baughey took over this position in 1927.
  • 1928 saw some church renovations and the church had a re-dedication service.
  • The remodel of the church included basement work and a new boiler.
  • Former pastors of the church were, Rev George Clarke, Rev Jacob Mauer, Rev Abdel Wentz and Dr C. Howard.
  • Former organists included, Ada Wechter. Mrs. Clay Rice, Harry Taylor, Harry Baughey, Earl Landis,Robert Witmer and Mrs. Nitrauer. From 1919-1943 the organists donated their service.
  • 1941 saw another remodel of the basement. The walls were replastered by John Grube at a cost of $143.00.
  • 60 men of the church participated in Pearl Harbor.
  • By 1950 the monthly salary’s were, Pastor Rice $175. Custodian $20. Two organists $50 each and Choir director $35.
  • 1945 brought a new oil burner and indoor lavatories at a cost of $4,096.14.
  • 1957 brought another new boiler at a cost of $1,224.67.
  • The building was sold in 1958 at a price of $30,000.
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