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Roof Repair & Replacement in Westminster, MD

What is the purpose of a home’s roof? To keep you and your family safe and protected! But if your roof is old and falling apart, it may not be prepared to do its job. Most roofs will last 10+ years, but the lifespan can vary greatly depending on the weather.

Warning Signs

Since the life of each roof can be so different, how do you know when your roof needs to be repaired or replaced? Here are a few of the visible warning signs to keep an eye out for: missing, cracked, or curled shingles, dark spots, and water stains on interior walls and ceilings after a large amount of rain.

Dark spots may just be harmless dirt, but it could be much more, like mold, fungus, algae, or vegetation growth. If you need help determining if the dark spots on your shingles are harming your roof, an experienced Westminster, Maryland roofing contractor can help!

Another sign to watch out for that is a little less visible are brittle shingles. After spending so much time in the sun, asphalt shingles can dry out. It’s completely natural, but will need to be replaced when it happens. How can you check for this? Climb up on your roof and touch your shingles, if they fall apart and crack, it’s time for a replacement roof.

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Each certified roofing contractor at Aspen Home Improvements is qualified with 15+ years experience in roof installation! We’re so confident in our team and the products we use that we’re proud to offer you a lifetime warranty on both materials and labor on each repair or replacement roof in Westminster!

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