Labor Day weekend is coming up, which means 2 things: a nice long weekend filled with family, friends, and outdoor activities and, also, fall is right around the corner!

Getting ready for Labor Day requires some planning—meal preparation for outdoor grilling, organizing your home to make it guest-ready, and coming up with some fun activities to entertain your loved ones are just a few examples. But did you know that getting your home ready for fall requires a bit of planning as well? Cooler weather and the winter months are quickly approaching, so it’s important that you set aside some time to prep your home for the cold weather before it’s here.

Tackling these 6 home prep tips around Labor Day will help get you ahead of the game!

  1. Trim the Trees: Removing dead tree limbs can help prevent potential disasters during heavy thunderstorms, wind advisories, and, eventually, snow storms. Plus, it’s easier to spot dead limbs when the ones that are alive still have leaves on them!
  2. Clean the Gutters: Take the chance while the weather is still nice to get up on the roof and prep your gutters for the winter snow. Clear out all of the dead leaves and other gunk that has built up over the summer.
  3. Repair Roofs: Speaking of roofs… make sure your roof is free of problems! Keep an eye out for these 5 telltale signs that it’s time for a roof replacement. If you suspect it’s time for a roof repair or replacement, contact us for an inspection and estimate. The last thing you need is a drafty home due to unseen cracks or holes or, even worse, leaks!
  4. Paint the Interior: Thinking about switching up your interior paint colors? There’s no better time than now. The weather is perfect for leaving the windows open while the paint dries—no one wants to be trapped indoors with paint fumes!
  5. Clean Windows: Over the course of a year, windows can become pretty cloudy, it just happens so gradually that we might not notice it! Before it gets too cool out, open up those windows and give them a good cleaning. Take a look at our window cleaning tips to get you started!
  6. Check for Drafts: And while you’re cleaning those windows, keep an eye out for drafts—don’t forget to check around the doors too! Not sure how to find or fix drafts in your home? Here are a few methods to find those pesky drafts. Sometimes a quick-fix just won’t cut it, though. A window or door replacement might be in your future! Again, the last thing you want this fall/winter is a drafty home and expensive energy bills.

Are you and your home ready for the cooler months that lie ahead of us? Let Aspen Home Improvements help with all of your roofing, siding, window, and door replacement needs! Contact us today for a roof repair or replacement in Frederick, window replacement in York, or other various home improvement services throughout Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland.