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What Does the Color of Your Front Door Say About you?

You know that saying, “you can tell a lot about someone by the clothes they wear”? Well, it turns out you can also tell a lot about them based on the color of their front door! We did some research and found that there are many different personality traits associated with each color. So next time you’re out and about and see someone’s front door, use this blog to try and guess what their personality might be like.

Red Door

Red is a very strong color. It attracts attention and makes people stand out from the crowd. It’s often used as a symbol of love, passion, and danger. Red also represents power, strength, and courage. If you looking to draw more attention to your home’s curb appeal, a red door is a great option

If you have red on your front door, it shows that you are an outgoing person who likes to be in the limelight. You’re passionate about life and this emotion shines through in all aspects of your life – whether professionally or personally!

Black Door

In general, the color black is associated with power, elegance, and sophistication. It can also represent mourning and death, which may make homeowners uncomfortable painting their front doors black. However, some people feel that there are benefits to painting a black front door. Black blends in well with most architectural doors styles (whether it be modern or traditional), so it doesn’t clash with your home’s architecture. Additionally, with the rise of the modern farmhouse design and other contemporary home styles, black doors have become a popular door trend since they create a more striking notable style than standard white doors. Black doors have been used in homes for centuries and since black is considered a more of neutral color it will likely not go out of style. However, a major drawback of a black door is that it can create the illusion of making a small house look even smaller. Furthermore, black can attract and absorb more heat which can be seen as a negative for most. Their is a reason most people paint lot of their home exterior and rooms in bright colors as it can make a space look bigger and attract less heat. 


Orange Door

Orange is a warm and happy color that conveys energy, strength, and vitality. Orange is also the most visible color, so it’s a great choice for attention-grabbing homes. Orange can be playful or bold depending on the shade, so if you want something more subtle, look for shades like tangerine or rustic terracotta instead of bright orange.

Blue Door

Blue is a calming color and can be used in many areas of the home. It’s an excellent choice for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms.
The color blue can help you unwind after a long day at work or school. The human eye finds blue very soothing to look at because it is associated with the sky and water—two things we see every day that give us peace and serenity.

Wood Door

According to studies conducted in Norway, Japan, Canada, and Austria, wood may have positive effects on people’s emotional state. Environments with wooden structures have been found to cause a drop in blood pressure and pulse and to have a calming effect. Wallenius a Doctor of Psychology at the University of Tampere suggests that “since we are now very familiar with the technical properties of wood, we should carry out a cross-disciplinary research project on the psychological and physiological effects of wood.
Wood is a great design option for your front door because it can be stained to match any exterior color scheme you choose! Just make sure that whatever you pick will still stand up to weathering so that you don’t end up with splinters everywhere after just one year of use!

wood door

Yellow Door

Yellow has a reputation for being a happy and bright color. It’s also an eye-catching color, which makes it ideal for a front door if you want to make a statement.
Whether you’re trying to attract attention or just want something eye-catching in your entryway, yellow is an excellent choice for your front door!

Green Door

Green is a color that signifies balance, harmony, and growth. This makes it a great color for the front door of someone who wants to project a sense of peace and well-being. When you see this color on your front door, it’s a good indication that there’s someone inside who’s open to new experiences and ideas. The person behind those doors may be willing to try something new just because they think it could be fun—and if they’re not down with the idea at first blush, they’ll give themselves time to mull things over before making any decisions one way or another.

Turquoise Door

If you’re looking for a color that will bring peace and tranquility to your home, turquoise is a perfect choice. The combination of blue and green creates a calming atmosphere that can help alleviate stress by bringing calmness to your life. 
If you live in an area where it snows often, turquoise can be especially useful because it helps combat seasonal affective disorder (SAD). It also keeps rooms warm since it reflects natural sunlight into your home.

White Door

White will always get your front door noticed, but is it the right color for you? White is a color that represents purity and innocence; it’s also associated with peace and tranquility. So if you want people to think of you as pure or innocent, then white may be the right color choice for your home! But white can also make a statement about who lives inside – do they like peace and tranquility? Maybe they’re more of an attention seeker!
The great thing about white is that it works well with almost any other color scheme. If you’ve got blue accents in your kitchen cabinets or red furniture set against brown hardwood floors, adding some white paint to those areas will still tie them all together nicely. Lastly, while door materials and insulation technology are the best indicators for energy efficient doors, white door colors attract the least amount of heat. So choosing a white door color may provide slight energy efficient benefits then choosing doors with darker colors tones.

Purple Door

Purple, the color of royalty and mystique, is a mix between red and blue. Purple has long been associated with royalty and mystery—it was the color of ancient kings and queens of Egypt. It’s also a very feminine color, often associated with women’s fashions. The strength of purple means that it can add a lot to any decorating scheme; but if you don’t want your home to feel too overbearing, try pairing this bold hue with some softer shades like cream or pink as well!


There you have it, a breakdown of what different door colors say about the people who live behind them. There’s no denying that some people have an affinity for certain colors or shades more than others. And when it comes down to it, we think this can be good information if only because it helps us understand our neighbors better!

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